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Moderation In All Things… Twinkie…

If anyone needs me I’ve been accepted into the Sea World School of Seal Barking Exhibits.  I think I have a pretty good chance at becoming A+ at their language on account of the fact that I’m on week three of bronchitis/head congestion and have mastered said seal barking to the next level!  Pretty proud day, I must say!  Meanwhile, if anyone knows of anyone who would be able to slice a hole into my head somewhere, tip me upside down, and drain out all the goobers, I’d be there with Tinkerbells on.  One go-round of antibiotics hasn’t touched it and I feel like everyone would thank you for the service of peace and quiet… not just me.

In other news… I had a strange conversation in my Literature class last week.  I usually arrive a bit early and while I was sitting there with another student, also overweight, we began talking about “die”ts.  I didn’t bring it up… I don’t bring that subject up unless someone else does because A.) it can be construed as rude (are you saying I need to go on a diet!?!?) and 2.) It’s none of my dang business.  Also, I hate the word, “die”t as has been established approximately 12,000 times in the last 4 years.  Anyway, we got talking about how she was researching different diets to find which would be the best for her to start.  She asked which one I liked the best, to which I answered… NONE OF THE ABOVE!  Okay, okay… if you have to twist my arm I’d say Weight Watchers, only because it believes what I believe… moderation in all things.  But, WW brings with it bad memories of my 7-year-old self sitting in WW meetings with 3000 adults, so I won’t be using that method any time soon unless my fellow seal barkers take me there against my will.

I’m pretty stubborn on the moderation in all things method.  Pretty stubborn because I know it works… I’ve seen the most results of any of the bajillions of diets I’ve ever been on… and most importantly it’s common sense for lifelong success.  Here’s where some folks get confused (and I’ve been confused on many occasion including the last year or so), just because it’s moderation in all things does not mean that one should be able to eat 5 boxes of Twinkies and a keg of root beer everyday as long as one stays within their set amount of calories.  That ain’t moderation fellow seal barkers named Whitney!  It just means that life will happen and food is a part of life no matter how many darts we throw at it… so I can have a Twinkie here and there… and I can eat above my allotted calories here and there… and no food is off the table… no matter it’s fat or calorie content.  90% angel begets 10% devil… take that to the bank.

I do believe that what works for one person does not work for another person, and I respect that… everyone has to find out what works for them.  Moderation in all things is my gig.  And I’ll be stubborn about that until the seals quit barking.  Granted… if I wanted to become Miss Buff Body Builder Barker, I’d have to conform my eating to one of a body builders.  Since I want to be plain ole healthier Whitney with extra skin jiggles and cankles, I’ll go on eating in moderation.  So, girl from my Lit class… if you’re reading this… NONE OF THE ABOVE!

Side note:  I realize I talk about Twinkies like an excessive amount.  It’s like I’m in love with them or something.  I’d just like to clear up the confusion.  I actually do not like Twinkies, but their name is so cute and so I’ve decided to use them as a code word for food that is less nutritious and more indulgent.  Get my drift, Merle!?  Using Twinkies… one sentence at a time!


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Winners…. and Losers…

That sounds like a really mean title… I totes see that now… but losers can be complimentary in some instances… for example, when you lose your front teeth on account of a sidewalk crack… you may be a loser but you won 2 new fake front teeth.  TOTES a compliment!  (by the by… for those of you unfamiliar with the word “totes,” (coughcoughMADREcoughcough) that is basically the awesome 13-year-old girl way of saying TOTALLY!!)  I’m up with the latest 13-year-old, especially in the hormone department!  Anywho… thank you to all who entered the balls and bungee giveaway last week.  I scientifically picked a whiner… erm… I mean winner by numbering everybody’s entries (both if you also entered via Facebook) and having someone give me a random number… and ta da… WINNER!  The winner is… drum roll on empty tissue boxes….


YEE-HAW!  Congratulations, Katrina!  It totally paid to have 2 entries… and the bribe of a million dollars didn’t hurt the process either.  😛  Yes, I realize my lame giveaway is no way near as cool as 1 million dollars, but just don’t tell Katrina that.  I will email you, Katrina, and you can send me your address that way.  As for the rest of you… stay tuned… more giveaway fun in the future to come. 


Now… on to the Losers.  A new show debuted tonight on ABC called Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition:

Great… another show to add to my summer que of NO TV WATCHING!!  But if I don’t watch my TV, who’s gonna use my remote?  If you haven’t seen last night’s episode or are wanting to watch it via Tivo, DVR, or online… do NOT read further.  MAJOR SPOILERS to follow!

These types of shows are generally really inspiring and touching… but I still have a problem with them.  This particular show isn’t as bad as some.  The cameras follow the participant for 1 year… 365 days… during which they are given a very strict diet and a regimented exercise schedule.  I ain’t never done been in the Army, but I’d imagine this show would be pretty close to it… except with less guns and explosives.  What I got from the episode was that the participant (in this episode, Rachel) was to work out 4 to 5 hours per day and eat a “die”t that does not include sugar, fat, and carbs.  Well… ain’t that a slit your throat kind of a life.  NO CARBS!!!  Why don’t we just stick a ballbat up my left nostril and call it a day.  The goal for Rachel was to lose 230 pounds in the space of a year… going from 369 pounds to 150 pounds.  Rachel pretty much rocked the first 6 months, hitting each of her weight goals, getting down to 239 pounds… then came the 2nd half of the year.  In the last 6 months of her journey, she lost a total of 31 pounds, 10 to 25 of those pounds were surgery for hanging skin removal, leaving her with only a 6- to 21-pound fat loss in those 6 months.  Hey… a loss is a loss… but she admitted her problem had been the eating.  She couldn’t “control” her eating.  It’s no wonder she couldn’t control her eating… she wasn’t allowed to eat anything!! 

Rachel and trainer, Chris!

These are just my opinions and were not addressed on the show, but I truly do think that the reason the last 6 months were so slow for her was because she came face to face with the restriction monster… that monster that tells you that you can’t have something and so you rebel and get it anyway, which inevitably ends up meaning that you eat 315 times more than a normal-sized serving.  I know this type of restricting weight loss works for some… but I can tell you from experience that it didn’t work for me.  After my bypass surgery, I was on a very restrictive “die”t… 70% protein and 30% vegetables at every meal… and each meal could only be 2 ounces.  I rebelled against that so hard that I gained every pound I lost back and stretched my stomach back out to original size.  Maybe that kind of thinking works for the more passive personalities… but when you be born as stubborn as a bull on steroids, it ain’t gonna work for you!

This is not to take away from the hard work that Rachel put in to lose the 161 pounds she lost in the space of a year (and skin removal surgery), but I’m just wondering if she’s going to be able to keep it off.  It’s not realistic that she should eat that way for the rest of her life and it’s also not realistic that she is going to exercise 5 hours a day for the rest of her life.  Normal people just don’t do that.  Further proof that the smartest way to lose the weight is to find a lifestyle that will work for you for the rest of your life… Hey, I know one… All things in moderation!  I’ll take payment in brain cells and cash…

Speaking of weight loss shows… this weekend my sister and cousin were in Salt Lake City eating at Tucanos Brazilian Grill, when they ran into this guy:

Lindsay, Rulon, and Jen-Jen

You wondered what happened to him after he walked off of the Biggest Loser and didn’t show face at the finale?  Well, he got a waitressing gig at Tucanos!  KIDDING!  Lindsay said he was super nice and he told them he was going to get back into wrestling.  So, there you go… Rulon update of the year!  Thanks, Jen, Seth, and Linds! 

Question of the Day:  Are you watching Extreme Makeover:  Weight Loss Edition?  If so, what did you think?


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