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October Colors Bring November Browns…

April showers bring May flowers ain’t got nothing on the new fall version I done just made up.  Except it doesn’t so much rhyme… I’ll work on that.  Poe wasn’t born in a day… or maybe he was.  The things you think about when you are procrastinating doing your homework usually don’t make any sense.  Just a little glimpse into my daily empty brain syndrome.

Before I go any further, I just wanted to thank all you friends for your sweet birthday wishes.  It’s not as exciting as it used to be to turn another year older.  It just means another ache will appear and eeyore’s cloud will barf all over my negative brain.  I don’t have a lot to say right now, so we’ll just move on to the pictures… a picture is worth a thousand words, so this here blog post is actually pretty dang too long.  You are welcome.

Going to go out on a limb here and say that these folks really are fans of the cemetery/dead people decoration look.  I mean, whatever floats your boat.

They’re breaking my heart here… starting the dig up the canal/cut down tree phase of making the canal water run underground in the backyard.  Way to ruin my future backyard pictures, city!

Happy Fall, y’all sweet people.


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The Hills Are Alive… With the Sound of Shortness of Breath…

Y’all, that title’s a spoof on that song from The Sound of Music… that other song… not the song about deer and tea and sewing.  Meanwhile… since it isn’t winter anymore, the mice are back scurrying around in my window well and making me squeal like a little girl every time I hear a rustle in the moldy leaves.  I AM SUCH A WUSS!!  Guess I won’t be getting any sleep tonight!  These mice are too smart to get stuck in the traps, but they still eat the cheese I put on them.  They’re like little scurrying, spectacle-wearing, pocket protector-holding, snort-laughing rodents with Harvard degrees!  Watch out Mark Zuckerberg, Mickey Mouse is the new “IT” man… he’s getting up the plans for Mousebook as we speak.  Oh MYLANTA… he just scurried again!  Someone needs to come up and knock me in the head with a ball bat one of these days… a 300-pound chic scared of a 2-ounce furry creature!  STOP IT!  But they carry diseases… like eatscupcakesallday-itis and watchesmarathonsofthebradybunchwithtissues bacteriosum.  All debilitating illnesses!!  Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!   

I came here to talk about other things besides mice from MENSA… like the new walking route I took on Friday night… yes, I said Friday night.  That’s how I spend my party nights… walking new routes with a beer in each paw… did I say beer?  I meant H2O bottle.  So, the new walking route happened to be on one of my most favorite streets in town, known around these parts as The Boulevard.  It’s just a lovely corner of the world and they have these new (to me) walking trails going up and down steep mountain crevices… perfect for this hates-all-things-with-an-incline-and-mice gal… and by perfect I really mean, get out the oxygen tank, Florence… Whitney’s gonna need a new set of lungs kind of perfect. 

I was quite proud of myself, purposely walking down as many hills as possible just so I could hike back up them… and you know what… I made it up every last one of them durn things… take that part of my brain who always tells me I can’t!  Of course I sounded as if I was the big bad wolf with my huffing and puffing, but it’s a good thing to challenge yourself… plus, the donut shop was at the top of the steepest hill… and they were having a sale on Krispy Kremes!!  😛

Next up… Mount Everest (that one movie about it… not the actual mountain!)   

The Boulevard...


Making a mountain out of a mole hill... are moles just as creepy as mice? Do Moles eat Mice? Help a gal out!



Question of the Day:  What’s your next planned Challenge?


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It’s The Little Things…

Some days I have to focus on the little things to get through.  Whenever I see something that makes me smile, I write it down.  Taking this picture is what made me smile the other day:

The dark clouds with that little bit of light shining out on the mountain… kind of like hope bursting through a bad day.  A little reminder that there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.  Life ain’t so bad…

Question of the Day:  What was the “little thing” that made you smile today?


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Exercising: Has it Only Been 5 Minutes!?!?

For the longest time, my view of exercise consisted of some form of ugly grey, rigid gym equipment with a view of a wall in bad need of a paint job.  That should be how gyms advertise… “come pay us too much money and we’ll lock you away in a dungeon with bad lighting, broken air conditioning, and a view of self-loving Mr. Muscle Dude ** drooling at himself in the mirror.”  Every gym in the country would be empty (well… except for the aforementioned muscle dudes… where there’s a mirror… they will pose.)  Let’s get this out of the way.  I exaggerate… BIG TIME!  Of course no gym resembles the inside of a penitentiary, but that’s how my mind viewed every last one of them.  And I’ve been to my share of gyms… even sprung for my own personal trainer muscle dude (fired him when he was focussing more on his deltoid spread than spotting me on the weight bench.)   I just don’t enjoy gyms (there are other reasons too, which I’ll get into in future blog posts). 

(** This comment was definitely not meant to stereotype “muscle dudes!”  I happen to be related to a handful of “muscle dudes” who are the hardest working, sweetest, humblest men/women I know! )

This time around, I found out that exercise does not have to be this boring chore of a thing.  You can mix it up… find things you enjoy doing.  I found I really loved walking… especially outdoors with a playlist on my iPOD.  I also love messing around with photography… mind you, I’m a not a great photographer… I just love nature and trying to catch that on camera.  This past Wednesday… aka the only day of the week that did not have a huge-mongous snowstorm predicted for it… I grabbed my tenny runners and camera, drove to a nice country road, and did my exercising there while taking pictures of my favorite mountains!

So, take the road less traveled when it comes to exercise (see how I tied that in with the last picture… tee hee hee… yah, that was bad).  Find something you enjoy doing and make it into exercise!  It should be fun… not a chore!

Question of the day:  What is your favorite way to burn the calories?  Let me know in the comment section!


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