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Two-fer Cooler…

Howdy Whitney’s Blog Space… that sounds so 2005, right!? But give me credit because at least it’s better than me chiseling about things on a cave wall with a dude named Grogzella.

In less ancient news, this past weekend was BoBo’s 2nd birthday… STOP!! Lindsay said she wasn’t going to go all out like she did his 1st bday shindig, and she said she didn’t, but I really think she did because my definition of not going all out is driving through the Mickey Ds drive through and going to a park. Now that, friends, is not going all out! Instead she rented a gigantic bounce house with water features for her front yard and had homemade food and decorations galore (that she says my mom made because she had hair-mergencies last week too… like it was bald-dire for a few minutes there!) The only thing I had complaints about is she had the nerve not to plant ginormous shade trees and have air conditioning outside so I wouldn’t have melted to death in the 95-degree sunshine! THE NERVE!!! Big Boy BoBo (his request, not mine) got spoiled rotten and I’m not sure he liked all of the activities, but the neighbor kids sure did!

20170826 142035
20170826 142030
20170826 151150
TWO! Baby’s cheeser smile is getting pretty scary these days! ūüėõ

20170826 144328
E-man turned 17 this summer, so of course we got his birthday pictures! ūüėõ

20170826 151805
Tractor majigger thinger… Backhoe? He knows all the names… Eh, I don’t.

20170826 134053
Shayne made this awesome Blippi cake… have I mentioned that Blippi scares me!? He does, okay!?

20170826 173231
“Boo” ice cream!

20170826 140334

20170822 200514 HDR

20170824 200047


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BoBo Es El Numero UNO…

Coherent is not in my vocabulary this morning, so we’ll have to deal with incoherent without a bottle of no-doze! Guess who turned number one this past week!?!? No, the answer is not Whitney’s bottle of Worcestershire sauce. Baby BoBo! He’s pretty much geezering up the joint. Lindsay couldn’t pass up the opportunity to throw a shindig to remember! I mean, BoBo won’t remember it because he’s a baby… but I ate a dagnabbed 4 bites of burnt steak so I’m sure to remember this occasion FOREVER!!

BoBo’s job was to hold up his birthday sign in the yard. He lasted approximately 3 seconds and then we had to bring in the fishing line reinforcements.

There were games with famous people… Wolverine flew in to play darts… aka Big Bro Ethan with dart fingers.

Big Bro Christian got the enviable task of grilling the 3 kinds of meat… THREE!!!!! It was like a meat-a-ganza up in that joint! (PS – this stellar guy could still use your prayers… he didn’t get great diagnosis news… yet he still seems to be schooling us all in the art of how to live your life trusting the Lord’s plan. My money’s on him!)

This is obviously pre-party-goers, and yet again, the rotted deck did not fall through with all of the people on it! Blast the luck!

Lookit… my daddy made me this kitty cat cakes… I liked the ears and eyeballs the best!

But pretty soon, I went into a cake-eating coma!

Oh, did you want a piece too? Better luck next year!

The aftermath!

Happy Birfday, Baby BoBo the Magnificent! Don’t hurry to #2, please!


Lost count of the days, but I’m still sugar-free… mostly because I don’t trust myself if I were to add it back in. I’ve learned over the years with me it’s all or nothing… addictive personalities for the lose! If anyone needs me I’ll be searching for an edible sugar-free cookie… I said EDIBLE!


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The Super Bowel

… yep… went there. ¬†This is just a little note to the folks who buy advertising space during the Superbowl for a bajillion dollars per second… STOP WITH THE BOWEL ISSUE COMMERCIALS!! ¬†I don’t want to see a walking intestine traipsing thither and hither whilst I’m trying to gorge on 800 bagel bites with a side of nacho cheese. ¬†That’s like totally defeating the purpose of my goal in even sitting through a neverending football game… which is to watch the musical portions and the commercials, and eat way too many fried things for one sitting. (Which baseball teams played again?) ¬†There were at least 3 commercials about bowel products (different brands too… not the same one over and over)… THE HUMANITY!? ¬† Also, the people who thought the toenail fungus commercials were a homerun… check your door… I sent you a box of athlete’s foot socks in keeping with the spirit of the commercial.

Rant over… until next year.

In other news, we ended up buying 130 Chik-Fil-A nuggets for 3 people to eat last night. ¬†Madre had heard they were having a special where if you bought one nugget, you could get the 2nd one free. ¬†Dudes… sign me the heck up! ¬†I’m all about free on a Saturday night eat-out excursion. ¬†We ordered us 2 SMALL nugget trays in the drive-through and proceeded to pull up to pay for them… 33 dollars! ¬†For a small nugget tray!?!? ¬†It turns out that a small nugget tray has 64 nuggets on it, which means that 2 SMALL nugget trays have 128 nuggets. ¬†I didn’t mean for you to kill a gaggle of chickens on my behalf! ¬†Maybe that’s why I needed those bowel commercials! ¬† Scratch that… nobody needed those bowel commercials. ¬†Tend to your bowel problems in the privacy of not near me, please! ¬† Moral of the story… small means small enough to fit through the door but big enough to wedge your rear into a recliner. ¬†We did bring at least 80 nuggets to our annual Superbowl shindig the next day, though… so they were put to good bowels. ¬†STOP!

Makayla doing her best impression of an owly owl burrito…

Look at Baby BoBo and hims crazy hair trying to get a hunk of dinomeat…

That boy is all carnivore… speaking of… after he ate the dinomeat, he turned into a dagnabbed dinosaur! ¬†RAWR, BoBo!

So scary!!

Here’s BoBo picking his big bro, E’s nose. ¬†You’ll have to learn that you can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can’t pick your friend’s nose!

Happy 2nd week of February, friends…


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Boards That Inspire…

I went to the sidewalk sale tonight.¬† This once-a-year shindig they have down historic Main Street where all the shops bring out some of their goods and set them up on the sidewalk in front of their stores… and then call it a sale!¬† A lot of it is junk… but if you look hard enough, you can find you some treasures… and seriously… who doesn’t love them a treasure!?

As you can see, overcast days really bring out the crowds… HOLD ME BACK!¬† Most of the stores opted not even to show up since it was raining on and off for most of the day.¬† No matter… shop-a-holic Madre will NOT BE DETERRED!!

Mostly, Madre just wanted to steal the hanging flower pots… if you’ll remember she is a known lilac stealer around these parts.¬† Pretty sure she is on the Top 10 Most Wanted Weed and Flower Stealer List.¬† You will be happy to know that these buggers are still hanging safely on their pole.

Merry Christmas, Darling… I almost bought me one of these handy dandy Santy trays for all of those July Christmas shindigs I hold in the back outhouse… Then, I remembered the episode of Hoarders I watched the other night and didn’t.

I found out that floppy hats totally make my ankles look fat… so, I didn’t buy one of these either.

LINDSAY!!!¬† HELLO KITTY ALERT!¬† ALERT the church elders… you NEED this bike to match your Hello Doggy Underoos!!

You will all be happy to know that this dude was doing his job, watching over his minions (and freaking Whitney out… who stands that still!?!?)

The minions!¬† Do not laugh!¬† Y’all… who doesn’t want 3 nekked cherub babies¬†stacked on top of each other¬†in statue form!?!?!¬† Seriously now!¬† I’m just surprised there weren’t more of them.¬† The masses of folks who wanted to buy one were… MASSIVE!

This here is the definition of a bench warmer!¬† Bwahahahahahaha… I slay myself.¬† I’d never seen a bench woven through with knitted items… but now you know what to do if your bench ever feels neglected.

The only treasure I came away with was this:

My inspiration board… only paid $15 (was regularly¬†$40)¬†and now I just need to fill it up and hang her on the wall.¬† For those of you who are not familiar with an inspiration board:

What is an Inspiration Board?

Well, it’s anything you want it to be! But, basically it’s a photo collage that inspires you, drives you, helps you reach your goals, keeps you focused, organizes, makes you happy or just makes you laugh!

It’s a two dimensional art project that YOU create and there are no rules, guidelines or limits to what you can do!

Right on, Frederica!¬† I’ve decided I need to make me one of these.¬† And you don’t need a fancy board to make you one either… a piece of cardboard or poster board will do just fine.¬† I’m thinking it might be fun to have an inspiration board making party one night in the next couple months.¬† I’ll host it in the backyard for anyone (within driving distance of course) who is interested in attending.¬† If you don’t want to attend, aren’t comfortable in¬†groups (I KNOW and understand this)¬†and/or aren’t within driving distance, I totes think you should still¬†make yourself an inspiration board!¬† I’m hoarding magazines as we speak.¬† If you are interested in coming to the shindig, let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to keep you in the know on the date and time… and what you should bring… you know… besides your brain… and your rear receptacle (makes sitting easier).¬† All ages (males and females)¬†are welcome… the only restriction is you should at least be 6 months of age and able to fasten your own diaper!

Question of the Day:  Have you ever made an inspiration board?  What would you put on yours? 



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