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What I Learned From the Little Lady in the Pink Coat…

This was my exercising mountain this past Saturday afternoon:

Stairs… I hate stairs.  First of all, I’m self conscious about them… I huff and I puff and if there was a straw house in front of me, I’m sure I could blow it down… that is, if I’m still alive by the time I reach the top of them (me and the big bad wolf are likethis!)  Secondly, my knees aren’t the best… you try carrying 4 billion pounds around for 32 years and see how well you work.  Thirdly, where’s the escalator?  You can’t install an escalator… I ain’t interested in seeing what’s at the top of your stairs.  Fourthly, I’m a certified and registered CLUTZ with a capital all the letters (more on this in future blogging postages).  I could think of a fifthly through two-thousand and fiftiethly, but I’ll spare you the bore. 

See the pink dot in the picture above?  That pink dot was my stair-climbing inspiration on Saturday.  Small, bent over, and in her 80s… moving at a snail’s pace, she climbed up those stairs… she climbed down those stairs… and when I returned to the same spot 20 minutes later, she was climbing right back up those stairs.  I figure anyone who can make it past 80, deserves to be carried around on a throne of chocolate-covered pretzels by 4 buff guys named Sven… she was surely entitled to that, but instead, she was out climbing my arch nemesis and putting me to shame! 

I wish I could say that when I passed her on the way down that she stopped and uttered life-altering words that would forever change the course of my future… but instead, I  huffed and I puffed and I smiled and she smiled, and that was all I needed.  Little lady in the pink coat… if you’re reading this… thank you!  Thank you for teaching me that perseverance can get you wherever you need to go.  

Difficult things take a long time, impossible things a little longer.
– Author Unknown



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