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The Fridee Five, July 13th Creepy Edition!!

1.  A few weeks back we took our annual jaunt to Bear Lake to attend Juanito Bandito at Pickleville Playhouse… I blogged about it last year too.

The most entertaining part of this jaunt was the dude sitting 2 rows behind us with the biggest, most jollyful laugh on the planet.  Who am I kidding… he was shockingly loud, very distracting, and eventually annoying.  It was funny for the first 45 minutes, but then it got old.  I tried to capture his laughing moments on my camera, but every time I turned my camera on it was like he took a trip to the bathroom or something… and then as soon as I turned the thing off, he’d be right back to jovial guffawing.  It was rather freakish if you ask me… and you didn’t… but I mostly talk to myself on this here blog anyway.  This is the best video I got of the laugh and you can’t hear him as well as I could hear him sitting there… dude was L-A-U-G-H-I-N-G like it be drunk day at the pinata festival!

2.  This is where I found Lucy-Fur the other morning…

Sleeping somewhere she knows she is not supposed to sit… with a dagnabbed drinking problem.  WOE IS ME!!  I have to take my kitty to AA… either that or she is hinting that she would like a Teddy Bear head glued on her favorite alcoholic beverage for Christmas.

3.  This past weekend we had what we call in the Valley, The Cruise In.  Sounds like everybody drives around with their cruise control in the on position, don’t it?  Instead there are a bunch of car geeks enthusiasts who bring out their classic cars (fixed up and pretty… just because you have an 89 Buick don’t mean she’s a classic… I already checked) and drive them up and down Main Street.  They actually close down Main Street for the occasion and like the whole town comes out and sits on the sides of the roads and gawks.

Because Lindsay missed it this year and asked to see a video (there are 8 billion more, Lindser if you want to see more…)  Madre explains why she’s wearing an umbrella approximately 1:30 in.   We did sit on the wrong side of the road facing the sun and toasted to death for the first 40 minutes at near 100 degrees on the asphalt, but the sun then went behind the tree and we got some shade… so all was good on the delicate skin front.

This here is an extremely flattering pitcher of my monstrous forehead and squinty sun eyes and bad hair day, but I mainly posted it to show how well people obey the caution tape… don’t sit here sign.  We sat in front of the IHOP and they are obviously uptight about folk sitting on their dagblasted lawn.  Shows how much we care, IHOP!  For the record, they didn’t bring me out any pancakes… totes thinking about suing. Who’s in?

4.  Another fun tradition… on Sundee nights during the summer, they hold free outdoor band concerts up on the quad at the university.  You just bring your lawn chairs, sit under a tree (THANK ALL THAT BE HOLY, DELICATE SKINS!), and become one with the senior citizens!  😛  JOKES… there are all ages there… but mostly senior citizens… and I LOVE senior citizens… don’t get me wrong… my folks are senior citizens… I just thought I’d open my mouth and insert the foot portion of it.  Mark my words in 30 years when I become senior citizen status, some ignorant 30-something is going to make fun of me too!

Anywho… the theme for this week was patriotic songs… and durn it if I didn’t leave my clogging shoes at home.  I could have provided the dancertainment!  😛   In the above video they’re doing “Stars and Stripes Forever…” and ever and ever and ever more!

5.  Look what I found in the middle of the road whilst on my walk a few weeks back!  I think it’s a sign that I need to rewatch the ENTIRE “I Love Lucy” series or rot trying!   Finders keepers… losers weepers…

Oh… also… if this is yours, could you please bring me the other discs in the season.  Kinda getting tired of these episodes!  😛

Question of the Day:  What’s your favorite patriotic song?  Favorite classic car?  Favorite I Love Lucy episode?  Does anyone know of a cat psychiatrist?  Lucy-Fur is a drunk.

Have a fantabulous weekend, cute friends.



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Who Chot Juanito Bandito!?

No, I didn’t spell chot wrong… if you’ve been to Pickleville Playhouse in Bear Lake and seen the melodrama/musical, Who Chot Juanito Bandito!? you totes know what I’m talking about.  Seriously, chotting all over the place up in that there melodrama.  Saturdee, we headed back to Bear Lake to partake in the play I hadn’t seen.  Loyal readers will remember I saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at Pickleville earlier in the summer, so of course I had to go back to see the 2nd prodcution since I could finally fit my receptacle into the seats and all.  It did not disappoint!  HILARITY reigns… that’s my review in the professional reviewer journal called Whitney’s Brain!  It had rapping, hip hop dancing, gun slinging, idiot cowboy marshall dudes, English reporters, Scottish blokes, and Juanito, the bank robber extraordinaire!  Plus it had Justin Bieber Fever jokes (Juanito is a Belieber) and mentions of Britney Spears.  Even though I was a big ole crank with a capital CA-RANK (more about my ca-rank status tomorrow), I still did my fair share of laughing.  So, to sum it up… would TOTES recommend seeing the production.  Pretty sure they have it going on every summer down Bear Lake way, so grab you a ticket and dramamine (for the curvy drive through the canyon) and get you some laughter burning in!

Lindsay and Shayne hanging at the Pickle factory… with Madre and Padre glaring in the background… what part of the word smile, did they not understand!?

That would be Juanito’s backside at the end of the show.  Them ladies were hogging him up, so I could only manage to get a “chot” of his rear receptacle.  I went to school with the actor (TJ Davis) back in the olden days.  He was Mr. Popular, class president, basketball star, drama star, etc., etc., etc., you know… the usual mega talented folk from my possey!  😛

After the show, we headed to the Grease Factory… erm… I mean La Beau’s where we partook in some lard and sugar… just another notch on my all-you-can-eat weekend smorgasbord!  That there by Shayne’s arm would be bird doo… it was free of charge.

While waiting for dinner, I did some shopping on the clearance tables next door.  Since I’m a huge geek… erm… I mean Anne of Green Gables fan since the age of 5, I saw this little doll for only $2.99, and knew I had to add it to my hoarding collection.  Watch for me on a future episode of that there show, Hoarders… I’ll be the blimp with the surplus of things a 32-year-old girl should not own!  What up, Avonlea-ites!

Question of the Day:  What was the last play/production you saw?  Are you a musical geek?



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Bearing My Lake!

I am fully aware that the above title makes absolutely no sense… but I revel in titles that make no sense… sue me and then tell Judge Judy I’d like her autograph… and for her to yell at me on my voicemail.  This past Wednesday I took a day off from work and actually planned to do something other than sit around and stare at the weeds on the ditch bank.  Glorious!  I had made plans to load up my bike in Padre’s truck (bwahahahahahaha… he had to drive Beulah the Buick to work… she was totes styling!) and head to Bear Lake for the day… do some bike riding… do some sitting… and just revel in having no set plans.  Madre decided she would come with me… she is always up for getting a day off from work… ALWAYS!  Me, on the other hand… you have to pry my cold and clammy white hands off of the keyboard before I take a day.  I’m learning that I need to do it more often, though… make me less crankity and bitter and more laid back with less of a stick up my rear quarters.  OUCH… yeah… tell me about it.

This is also the first time I have EVER… and did I mention EVER planned a day trip around doing something active.  Any day trip up until now included questions like… How long is the walk from the parking lot to the first available couch?  When do we eat dinner and is it a buffet?  Will this trip require any unnecessary sweating?  and my most favorite question… Where the helium is the chocolate!?!?!?  Oh wait… I still ask that question daily.  Choctastic!

Obvs, the wind was blowing like we weren’t in Kansas anymore… and I’m also thinking of designing a bike ramp park on my forehead… stupid big head.  We decided we were going to pretend we were tourists (even though we’ve been to Bear Lake many times before) and take pictures of everything.  I can’t count the number of times that someone asked if we wanted them to take a picture of the both of us… nice of them, but my camera was not happy at having to take my picture!

I love these mom and pop stores and we made sure to stop and check ’em out… plus Madre had to get her happy juice… she is addicted you know!

Diet Dr. Pepper in tow (stop it… what ‘happy juice’ did you think I was referring to?), we were ready to start out on our adventure!  We decided we’d first drive around the whole lake (about 45ish miles) and find a relatively uncrowded beach somewheres.  Nothing worse than having to beach next to 8000 people with farmer tans… plus fat chicks on the beach are usually called whales.  No, I’m not self conscious… why do you ask?

We finally settled on camping our chairs at Bear Lake State Park… you had the choice of sand OR grass… and the best part, only a handfull of people on the Day Trip side.  Of course I had to act like a camel and hold it all day… the day Whitney uses a smelly stall, with a never-ending black hole of stench, no flushy handle, and no running water is the day Donald Trump cuts his rug off.  Now that I’ve shared way too much information… moving on…

The views from my lawn chair.  I even hiked up my pedal pushers a little to try to get a suntan… yeah… didn’t work.  I still match Casper the Ghost… except I think he might be a little darker than I am.  Next up, we untied the bikes and rode them up and down the state park on the gravel roads.  I was putting on a show for the new people… that’s right… pay to see the fat chic on the bike… come one and all!  We loaded up the bikes again and decided to head to the bike trail I had read about on the Inter-Al Gore…. erm… I mean Internet.  The bike trail was about 8 to 10 miles round trip and I soon found out had more gnats per square capita than China has people.  I ‘et good that day, I’ll tell you what.  Some of the things we saw along the trail:

The lighthouse I almost moved into… LOVE me a lighthouse!

I also liked this lil’ house with all of it’s cute quaintness.

We then biked to this restaurant and washed down the gnats with these fellars… Cafe Sabor is in Logan too… but I knew the calories in my regular veggie fajitas and so got that!  Dinner over, we biked back to the truck, loaded up the bikes, and headed to Pickleville to see Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

I am happy to say that this is the first time I’ve been to Pickleville (even though I’ve wanted to go many times), because this is the first time my rear receptacle has fit into the seats.  Thank you, Jenny Craig (oh wait… NOT).  We sat in the midst of approximately 85,000 teenage girls who were in Bear Lake for girl’s camp.  Of course my first thought was, when was the last time these gals showered?  So far as I could tell they were fairly cleanly.  I felt bad for the dude on the stage who forgot to zip his fly… every teen girl in the place was practically on the floor in hysterics… Lesson #1:  ALWAYS check your fly!  Joseph was totes hilarious and we are currently making plans to go back next month to see Bandito… thank you, Richard Simmons (NOT!)  After the play, it was late and time to make the 60-minute drive back home… but not before picking us up a “world famous raspberry shake”!  Bear Lake is raspberry country and they are forever touting their world famousness (anyone else heard of them who isn’t from UT or ID?)  I rest my case.

Only had to shimmy through approximately 85,000 12-year-old boys at Scout Camp who were all hopped up on sugar and being away from their parents for a week.  Shakes are the perfect treat for me.  Since I’m lactose intolerant, I only eat  few spoonfuls and then I’m done with it.  A taste is all I need when it comes to ice cream!  I had a great time… next time I’m going to get up the guts to step in the water… but first I have to get over my aversion of swimming in feces and then buy a swimsuit!  We’ll give it 5 or so more years!

Question of the Day:  What is the last “day trip” you took and what did you do? 

P.S. Happy Pioneer Day Utahites!!  Hope y’all celebrate it up and think of me while I am working… just don’t be like Madre and sing the following song:

Come, come ye Saints… no toilet paper near…
But no fear… sagebrush YAY!

Tsk, tsk Madre… so disrespectful!


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