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Harvesting Dirt Patches…

Planting gardens… joyous occasions.  All the people get together, hoe up the dirt and worms, throw in a few dried up crispy things, cover them up with more dirt, and then water them once a year (or twice).  Easy, right?  Apparently, not at my place.  We (okay fine… not really me) plant a garden every year… and every year we get a mish mosh of nothing growing from said plants.  I think it’s the space aliens infiltrating my noggin space who are jinxing it.   Or… and this is a less crazy explanation… with all the trees we don’t have enough sun in the yard!

This here picture was taken at the peak of harvesting season… as you can see reign in the plants!!!!!!!  Who wants some leaves?  Shred ’em up, throw ’em in a salad and no one will be the wiser… except for me… expert taste bud tester over here.

We did plant a small planter with a strawberry plant and it’s still yielding like crazy!  Okay, fine…  like a total of 10 strawberries all summer, but it’s the thought that counts.  I haven’t eaten one but I hear they taste just like strawberries!

Since the trees have taken over the sunshine… we go steal the neighbors’ produce… and by neighbors I mean people who live blocks away but in the same city.  Wut up, awesome neighbors!?  I do pay for it, so it’s technically not stealing, but it’s awful nice of them to share of their bounty since our bounty shriveled up like a grape in a sauna.  I’m sure some of you readers know which neighbor I’m talking about.  I also steal grape tomaters from my cuzzins, Angie and Ryan.  Thanks for hooking me up with my crack, you guys!  😛

I buy apples from them like it’s all-you-can-eat cake night at the Bingo club!  They have a different apple flavor every week and I have to try them all!

My favorite so far is an apple called Sweet 16… it has an unusual appley flavor with a hint of cherry in there.

Crispy and sweet are my two apple requirements.  That’s why I can’t eat Macintosh apples or apples that have been sitting in the grocery store softening up for half a millenium.  Such is the life of an apple connoisseur.

Question of the Day:  Do you plant a garden?  What vegetables/fruits do you plant?  


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Day 6: Shakers, Pumpkins, and Turkeys

Not in that order… which came first, the pumpkin or the turkey?  Why did the chicken cross the road?  Y’all… I’m trying to be all deep up in this here paragraph… but apparently I’ve already run out of deep questions.  In the meantime, what’s up with Kim Kardashian, y’all!?

Day 6 began with a jaunt down to the Canterbury Shaker Village, which is not an operating Shaker village, but a museum of sorts.  I’d definitely heard about the Shakers… mostly knew about their hard work ethic and quality products, but it was interesting to learn more about their way of life.  We watched a documentary on Shaker living and why the religion dwindled into oblivion, and now I think there is only one working Shaker village in the US.   Then we had to hit the gift shop because Madre is in love with all things Shaker workmanship.  If she could have, she’d have bought one of each item.  Everything they make is of high quality.  I came away with a cool-looking carved wooden crochet hook (ALRIGHT, WHO’S GOING TO TEACH ME TO CROCHET A SWEATER!?!?!?), a candle that reminded me of Thanksgivingy smells, and a Shaker pie cookbook.  We also ended up with a pumpkin whoopie pie (who knew whoopie pies were so popular in the Northeast) because it came highly recommended by pretty much every person we talked to.  It did NOT disappoint!!  Holy night DEE-VINE!

I pretty much fell in love with their white picket fences and rock walls and vowed that I’d have one of them put in my invisible mansion… STAT!  The builders in my brain are working on it as we speak.  We then took off for this highway our hotel front desk chic said was a MUST DRIVE… something about Cowabunga Highway… Kookabura Highway?  Dang… I just Googled it… Kancamagus Highway.  You can see why I couldn’t remember the name.  I reverted to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle language… Cowabunga Dude… heroes in a half shell… turtle power!   It was supposed to be beautimous and fall colory and leavey… I wish I could tell y’all what exactly was going on up in that there highway but too many sleepless nights were catching up to me and I pretty much drooled my way through Lacucaracha Highway.   Maybe Madre could tell y’all what she saw in the comments (HINT HINT MADRE!!!)

On the other side of ArabEmigration Highway was another recommended place of lunching… Hart’s Turkey Farm.  I might be hallucinating, but I swear to you that the Food Network show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives visited this turkey farm once?  Anyone?  Anyhow, a turkey farm is a fantabulous place for a vegetarian because they have broccoli… mmm mmm fibery!  Madre really enjoyed her Thanksgiving meal complete with side order of pickled beets.  I wasn’t complaing too much because I had a rocking good pile of broccoli, a sliced apple, and some gravy-less mashed taters.  They also served this carrot relish on saltines… who knew carrot relish would be tastee!?

Carrot relish...

Madre is mighty tempted just to fly the family back out to New Hampshire for Thanksgiving dinner.  I’ll be sure to dress as a turkey in a pilgrim hat.

Thanksgiving over and done with, we headed for Portland, Maine… on the way we passed this cool-looking farm/farmer’s market majigger.  Such an adorable place.  If it didn’t cost so much to ship pumpkins home, I’d totes have bought a bushel or 5.  We pulled up just as a crowd of people were standing around a crane hoisting up a blanket full of pumpkins.  Apparently, they were going to drop the pumpkins and have pumpkin guts for dinner.  We missed the drop by about 15 seconds as we were running from our parked car to the field.  Eh well… there was plenty to see.

We LOVED these adorable pumpkin displays they had pretty much everywhere!

Inside they had assortments of beautiful-looking fruits and vegetables.  I wanted to buy one of each, but I settled for some apples, which were super crunchy and flavorfull!   Fun little produce stands are always a fun find in our book… even if none of it would fit in my suitcase!

Question of the Day:  What is your favorite thing about Autumn? 



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I’ll Take a Bag of Sagebrush and a Kumquat…

There’s just something pretty dagnabbed awesome about the atmosphere at a farmer’s market.  People selling weeds (stop it… the legal kind), ladies with underarm hair dancing around totem poles, and Whitney getting up before noon on a Saturdee!!  HALLELUJAH, Clive!  I love me a farmer’s market because there’s nothing better in the world than a homegrown piece of produce.  None of this manufactured stuff that’s been sitting in a storage freezer for 3 months, and then ends up on the shelf of your local Wally World all mushy and discolored.  Side note… is it just me or does Wally World have the worst produce?  I cannot shop for fruits and vegetables there…  It’s like they had kids in Africa pick the produce in the year 1999 and then made them walk pulling a cart of vegetables to America… finally arriving in the year 2011 with their wilted cart.  Eh… spray them things down with a bit of formaldehyde and they’ll be totes fine!

Meanwhile, back on the farm.  I attended the local Farmer’s Market this past Saturday… of course, there wasn’t much produce ready to be picked this early in the season, but there were a few things:

The sign says “No Dogs Allowed,” but you can be sure my pitbull was standing in line at the pastry booth!

Lettuce for $2… they didn’t have any of the chocolate-covered lettuce leaves… I done already asked.  I love to lick the chocolate off and throw the leaf in the gar-ba-jay (that’s the fancy way of saying crud catcher).

More non-chocolate-covered greenery!

They had a band for the entertainment… who knew!?  I was just enjoying watching the dancing underarm hair chics on the other side of the park!

I didn’t come away with much… some snow peas and some sugar snap peas, and a loaf of bread.  Madre went and bought out the supply of cilantro… My FAVORITE… NOT!  But, you can be sure I’ll be going again… especially when tomatoes ripen and corn on the cob is in style!  Mmmmm… fresh produce!

Question of the Day:  Do you have a farmer’s market in your area?  If so, what do you go to buy?


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