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A few weeks back whilst in Ogden, we came across a restaurant called Brixton’s Baked Potato.  I’d never heard of it before, a restaurant devoted entirely to baked taters!?  Count me in!  I was born in Idaho after all… potato country!

Basically they took a baked potato, opened the sucker up, mashed it down with a potato masher and then put any toppings you wanted on top.  What a glorious idea, Vern!  I thoroughly enjoyed my broccoli/cheese mixture.

The word restaurant contains the word rant… pretty much opening it up for a Whitney rant session to the nth degree!  Why can’t there be more restaurants with healthy options?  When is someone going to open up a sit-down restaurant where the menu contains the nutrition facts of each food item?  I have been consciously scaling back on my going-out-to-eat times over the last few months.  I allow myself once a week on Saturday to go out to eat.  The rest I cook from home.  That’s a drastic reduction from the Whitney of 3 years ago when it would be restaurants twice a day most days.  I don’t miss going out to eat as much as I did in the past, but I do wish I could actually go to a restaurant that offered a whole menu filled with healthy stuff… lower calories, lower sodium, lower fat… and the nutrition facts printed right on the menu.  How novel would that be… and no Subway does not count.  I do not consider that a restaurant.  Maybe they do have places like I’m describing in bigger cities… I know I’ve never come across one in Podunk, Utah.   If you build it… we will come!!

Question of the Day:  I find it fun to dream up restaurant ideas.  What kind of restaurant would you like to see open up? 


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I Am Odd… And Here Are Some Ends… Odds and Ends…

Are you happy now, family?  I’ve finally admitted what you’ve been saying for years… I embrace my oddness… but look at the genes I had to work with!?  Seriously now.

End #1:

In Idaho Falls this weekend, we also tried to squeeze in a surprise 60th birthday lunch for my gimpy-armed dad (who drove his tractor over the edge of the canal on Friday and ended up looking like a mud monster with a torn rotator cuff) with some of his family members (what up, Uncles  Max, Evan, Clifford, and Aunt Colleen).  In the process, I’m sure we forgot half the relations that should have gotten an invite.  What to do when your brain is 96% filled with cobwebs and the other 10% marshmallow fluff?  If we forgot to call and invite you the day before, know it was nothing personal! 

When one is traveling, it is infinitely harder to calorize properly… but not impossible.  We went to a steak house for lunch.  PERFECT!!!  That canceled out approximately 90% of the menu for this vegetarian freakazoid!  I love that… fewer choices makes for better choices. 

Aka Dead Cow Central....

Lindsay, at the urging of Uncle Max, went for the eat a whole cow for one small price special… aka, all you can eat steak and grissel! 

The rest of the cow is under the table...

Somehow she only made it through half of a steer and washed that down with the cow bell.  Jen-Jen had a much more serious mission, she was preparing for a grueling ballet recital later that afternoon by carb loading… now, I never done heard of a ballerina carb loading, but maybe these folks should think about it… nothing says leap with the angels like a stomach full of starch and pasta!! 

Fettucini Al-Balledo!

Whitney, the calorizer, on the other hand went for the vegetable section and ordered a veggie fajita (which the server forgot to bring… and after he’d set everybody else’s plates in front of them, he asked if we needed anything else and Lindsay piped up with a Nope… we’re TOTES good, officer!)  I’ll just eat the table cloth… thank you! 


That would be zucchini, broccoli, onions, green peppers, tomaters, and a teaspoon of black beans.  I think they must have accidentally dropped the beans onto the pallete just to make it look more bean-like… because seriously there was a teaspoon of them!  Now, fajita mix is pretty much laden with sodium, but you gots to live a little.  Otherwise, the calories were minimal! 

I’d post pictures of the company we kept, but I only discovered I had my camera set on the wrong setting the next day and most of the pictures are blurry and/or unrecognizable… um… just be grateful I know how to turn the thing on!  Anyone know of any How to use your camera classes going on in the valley?  Thanks for lunch, Uncle Max!  I owe you the next one!

End #2:

I’m redeeming myself right here and right now.  You remember the infamous mouse stalkings, I’ll have you know that this weekend I rescued Lindsay from the rain gutter burgular!!  She came barging into my bedroom at 4:30 in the morning claiming that there was a burgular in the window well.  I’m sure her husband, Shayne, normally checks for these invisible burgulars when she’s home, but he wasn’t there on this night, so I had to put on my steel-plated pantyhose and get down to bizness!  She hid out in the living room whimpering behind the TV while I threw open the shutters… when what to my wondering eyes would appear?  The scariest sight I ever done seen minus looking at myself in a mirror… the end of a rain gutter!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  Nooooooooo… the humanity!  Killed by the serial rain gutter murderers!  The wind was only blowing 80 miles per hour… I’m sure the regular people burgulars wait for it to be 75 degrees and partly cloudy before they come sneaking into window wells. 

End #3: 

I’ve been thinking this weekend about my 2 bucket list items for Mission:  Uncage the Singing Bird and I have it narrowed down to approximately 85 items… what!?  There are a lot of options out there.  Just a heads up that I’ll probably ask for your 2 bucket list items in Thursday’s posts… so keep on searching those cobwebs! 

Question of the Day:  What restaurant menu item choice are you most proud of?


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You’ll probably hear a lot of “Whitney word inventions” on this here blog.  When I can’t find an acceptable word that describes what I’m thinking, I make one up.  Y’all stay posted for when the 1st Edition of “Whitney Blathers Aimlessly About Nothing Dictionary” (or WBAAND for short) hits the shelves.  I’m aiming for a release date in the year 2049 (fingers crossed!)  Mark yer calendars, folks! 

So, since I’ve banished the word “die”t and no one else has come up with a suitable word to describe what I’m doing, I came up with calorizing!  It’s sort of like a conglomeration of calories, downsizing, and exercising all rolled up into a tiny little ball… if it were any cuter, I’d have to tie a bow around it and call it thumpers!  Now to come up with the definition… downsizing calorie intake while still eating chocolate and moving more… and then eating more chocolate!  Y’all… stamp that sold and send it to the printer! 

Now that I’m calorizing, restaurants have become trickier, but not impossible… gracious providence, no.  Save up my calories by eating sensibly during the day, and I can splurge a little at night (and if you exercise at some point during restaurant day, you have those extra exercise calories, see… and my Kindergarten teacher wanted to hold me back a year!)  Tonight, I cleaned up the mother and we headed to dinner.  After 45 minutes of the following conversation:

Indecisive Madre:  Where do you want to go to dinner?
Indecisive Whitney:  I don’t know… where do you want to go to dinner?
Indecisive Madre:  How about… I don’t know… where do you want to go?

You get the picture… them indecisive genes that woman provided really do stick!  We finally ran out of gas in the parking lot of “Firehouse Pizzeria,” so that made the decision for us.  Thank goodness for small gas tanks or we might have made it to the McDonald’s in Washington D.C. 

After finally picking the place, the menu selection had to be easier, right!?  Thankfully, the menu writers provided me with a handy dandy tool: 

See that fancy little heart in the bottom middle… that’s pretty much a win for we calorizers! 

I finally settled on a selection with a little heart AND a little fire next to it… does that mean it guarantees heartburn (bwahahahahaha… I slay me)?  Only time will tell.  Marinated Pinoli Pasta… no heavy creams, meat, or cheese overload, so guaranteed to be lower in the calorie department.  I also had to indulge and order some of the cheese foccacia… because, seriously… it’s a crime to go to Firehouse Pizzeria and walk out without the Foccacia! 

The glorious foccacia bread... oh laws... I can't even!


Main dish... the white stuff is bird droppings... KIDDING... it's fresh mozzarella

I gotta say… heartburn aside, I did enjoy my heart healthy meal.  While it was still more calories than I’d normally eat for a dinner, you gotta enjoy the LONG journey and splurge every once in a while… keeps you somewhat sane (family… you can keep the when were you ever sane comments to yourselves!)

As I was walking out of the restaurant, I had to snap a picture of what my order would have been 3 years ago:

Yes… that does say 36 inches… Yes, that does say MONSTER pizza… and yes, you do get free pizza for a year if you and a friend can eat the whole dang thing!  We Americans do not have a problem… goodness gracious, no… what gave you that idea!?   Meanwhile… I wonder how many years that thing would last in the freezer… if I ate a piece a day, I could still calorize and eat my pizza too! 

Question of the Day:  What is your biggest challenge when “calorizing” at restaurants?




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