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There Goes a Fighter…

**** UGH!!!  I had this long ole post typed up and then I blinked my eyes and poof… it was gone and Whitney turned into Zombie Angry Bear… it’s the little known Berenstain Bear sister.  Not even Auto Save worked… yo, Internet sabouteurs, I’m on to you… this would be the abbreviated version…  

I’ve decided I need a 2012 theme song… one of them kick the rear patookus theme songs.  A song that gets me raring to go and wanting to warrior my way to the top of Mount Vesuvius after downing a case of Ovaltine!  You know it’s the truth!  So, when I was out walking the other evening and started bawling when I heard this song, I was all like… BINGO… we have a winner!  Dick Clark… what have they won?  It was quite the picture… fat chic with a scarf wrapped up like a mummy around her face trying to avoid nostril frostbite, bawling whilst walking down the street listening to a rap song.  Coughcough LAME FRIES PATHETICNESS ALERT Coughcough!!

The lyrics spoke to my situation at the time.  Just coming off a 3-month-long smorgasbord buffet, doubting that I’d ever be able to muster up the strength to get back on it.  That pesky gremlin doing back flips in my noggin… you’re done… FRIED… this is the end… history is repeating itself.  Give me a few more months, a remote control, and I’d return to the same ole couch-surfing heifer, watching my stories whilst eating bon bons and crying into a bucket.  (Who the helium balloon eats bon bons anyway?  People always talk about them, but I done never ate one in all my years of face stuffing.  This coming from the chic who used to eat glue on a semi-regular basis… mmmmmm… hoofy!)  Brain cells flying out the window during that fiasco, I tell you what!!

The Fighter…

That’s what this thing is all about.  No one ever fell on top of a mountain and said… Gee… this was worth it… I’m proud of my accomplishments.  That doesn’t happen… unless you happen to be watching Superman.  Give me scars… give me pain… blood, sweat, and tears so one day I can look back down my long and winding hill and I can say it was worth it.  Worth it all… all of it!   There goes a fighter…

The Fighter by Gym Class Heroes (featuring Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic)

Note:  If you aren’t a rap music fan, this is more about the lyrics… but if you still aren’t a fan of the stuff, fast forward to around 00:40 and at least listen to the non-rap chorus portion.  Also, as a side note… there are a couple of mild swear words if that stuff offends you… you’ve been warned!

But I do it for the kids, life threw the towel in on
Every time you fall, it’s only making your chin strong
And I be in your corner like Mick, baby
Til the end or when you hear the song from that big lady

Until the referee rings the bell
Until both your eyes start to swell
Until the crowd goes home
What we gonna do y’all?

Give ’em hell, turn their heads
Gonna live life til we’re dead.
Give me scars, give me pain
Then they’ll say to me, say to me, say to me
There goes a fighter
There goes a fighter
Here comes a fighter
That’s what they’ll say to me, say to me, say to me
This one’s a fighter

If you fall, pick yourself up off the floor
And when your bones can’t take no more
Just remember what you’re here for


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