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Mucus Head…

Hey y’all… coming to you from the space that is my gigantic head bucket of mucus. I caught the cruditis this week, starting with a super sore throat on Tuesday and then migrating to a super congestionified head space with a super sore throat and cough. Y’all… thanks to whomever passed that along. Best! Present! Ever! If you need me I’ll be living inside a humidifier… preferrably somewhere warm like Hawaii or the Hell fires, whichever is closest and least expensive to travel.

In other news, BoBo and Lindsay came to visit Wednesday through Saturday morning since Shayne was on a business trip out of town! Oh BoBo… you so sweet… and busy! We tried to do a daily shindig so BoBo could get his energy out, so I went to places I’d never been before… like that germ bucket that is now inhabiting the old Hastings building, a bounce house… and that other germified place called the Jump Zone. Three hails to Whitney for bringing her cruditis germs in with the other people’s cruditis germs! We taught BoBo how to say some new words like George the feral cat (or more like Ohrd) and bird as in flipping the bird to the lady who cut us off in the parking lot. JOSHING… GOSH… we kept it kid friendly. I then tried to get BoBo to do my homework for me… HTML/CSS language web site talk… laws, it’s like speaking swahili to a bunch of geeks.

As for my exercising and eating… the weekday eating went off pretty dang well. My routine was off and I was sick, so there were some days I adjusted my menu, but I stayed within my calories during the week. Saturday continues to be a struggle bug… get with the Saturday program, Whitmeister! I also only exercised Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and skipped out the rest of the week due to the aforementioned cruditis. Onto this next week. No use dwelling on the past when there’s a future to be had… countdown to March… 1 more week!

Lindsay Rae Howell did not send me her update… excuse you Lindsay Rae Howell… so maybe she will update y’all on her week in the comments. I do know that one night she made this concoction that included turkey bacon, chicken, and squash noodles. I’m sorry I had to miss that meal! I also know she is really stepping up her fashionable choices wearing around a Hello Kitty Onesie that I bought at Wal-Mart on clearance. The more you know… and no, Lindsay, I won’t post the picture of you wearing them… it’s better this way!

How was y’alls weeks? Did you have some successes? How about things to improve on? How would you rate yourself this week?

My lunch for this week was mighty tasty… that’s cucumbers, grape tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella with a dressing of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, oregano, and basil. 232 calories per serving! YUM!!

Hey errybody… I at the germy bouncy houses!

So, Auntie Whitty… if I grab this giant Lego dude and you hold the door open, we’ll get out of here real fast like.

BoBo is part ape! He was really good at swinging on this rope without anyone holding onto him… video below!



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Balloon Head…

I don’t have much concentration space to write a proper post tonight.  My head is like a balloon full of rotted out cottage cheese… take that image to the bank!  Any minute someone is going to come along with a pin… I hope to all Cream O Weber it’s sooner than later!  Walking around with a balloon brain is all sorts of entertainment… like the time I tried to brush my teeth with the hairbrush the other night.  Same idea… different body part.  Or the time my professor thought it would be a good idea to give me a complicated book to read by Tuesday and then tell me to give a 10 minute presentation on my favorite paragraph.  Uhhhh… unless the paragraph be about balloons and cottage cheese, I got nothing, Profesor!   For example, I just had to look up how to spell profesor… turns out that’s not the right way… stupid S’s!

I’m 75% sure it’s a sinus infection/cold, but the other 75% of me thinks it’s a bacterial allergy to sitting in 3-hour classes after sitting at work for 8 hours.  School… turning out cottage cheese brains by the basketfull!  Like for example, if I wasn’t trying to expand my brain by going to school, I wouldn’t have cottage cheese brain today because pea brains can only fit one kernel of cottage cheese inside of them!  I miss my pea brain.  I asked a dude in my Spanish class what he liked about being a girl in Spanish approximately 5 times on Thursday.

Moving on… next question… who’s eating cottage cheese for lunch ever again?  You are welcome!

Isn’t that the cutest?  I passed these little dudes the other afternoon and had to turn around and take a picture!

This is PART of the backyard of one of the home’s in the home show!  I say part because it was just PART of it.  I’m moving in tomorrow.  They won’t ever find me.


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FYI: Top 5 Worst Souvenirs… As Rated By Me…

So, Madre and Lindsay went to Las Vegas last week.  I’m sure they had a grand ole time and all… yada yada yada.  And because she is such a sweet human mommy, Madre brought her dearest, eldest daughter back a souvenir.  Y’all won’t believe the generosity when I tell you what it was.  It’s UNBELIEVABLE in that department.  Was it a T-shirt?  A million dollars from the slot machine?  An autograph from a fake Elvis?  So many Vegasy possibilities!  Instead, Fridee I woke up to 3 sumo wrestler dudes wearing Sponge Bob slippers kicking me in the head and sitting on my chest.


Okay, fine… that was a total lie.  But it was almost as good.  She brought me back some germs and an illness.  LAWS ALMIGHTY, let me frame this sucker and call it Velda!  Madre, who rarely gets sick caught some sort of bug on her way home.  My best guess is from the recycled air dating back to 1935 in the airplane cabin and/or hotel bed bugs.  I felt bad for her when she got home because being sick sucks… and I told her that… from a distance of 30 feet and wearing a face mask… heck if I was going to catch it on my watch.  I got things to do and people to annoy.  The face mask/distance thing didn’t so much work… and I even read in a magazine yesterday that people who exercise at least 5 days a week (CHECK!!!!!!!) are 43% less likely to catch an illness… stupid 57%.

So, what did I do today?  I sat by the window looking out at a blue sky and melting snow and yelling to everyone who passed by walking or riding a bike… Gee… I wish I felt as good as you do!  I guess it really does humble you to get sick.  I appreciate so much more how great being well feels now that I don’t feel like doing anything but sit, hack up a lung, and try to blow my brains out my nose.  I am lucky in that department, now (KNOCK ON WOOD).  Back in the olden days I got sick a LOT.  I caught everything that was going around and I actually kind of welcomed the illness because at least then I had a good excuse for doing what I was going to be doing either way… sitting on my hindquarters.

Which other souvenirs round out my top 5 worst things to receive from Vegas?

5.  Sweat rag from fake Elvis

4.  Hotel sheets featuring bedbugs.

3.  Toe Jam from Fake Madonna.

2.  Anything from a showgirl.


FYI… next time y’all decide to bring a pal a vacation souvenir, they’ll just take one of those free soaps they give you at the hotel.   That should be plenty.

Question of the Day:  What kind of souvenirs do you buy on vacation?



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Day 7: Belgian Waffles Are Evil… and Lighthouses!!

Y’all… I should really learn the lesson that it’s not worth it to eat food on vacation.  Just not worth it!  😛  Okay, so that’s a total and complete utterly idiotic falsehood.  I did, however, curse the fact that for the first time in a long time I ate me a Belgian waffle with syrup for breakfast on the morning of day 7 and it was possibly the most idiotic idea of my entire trip.  It did not sit well and I spent the rest of the day wanting to hurl every 5 seconds, amongst other things.  Too much information?  Buck up, sport!  I did see a lot of the inside of a stall in the local Hannaford’s Supermarket chain on this day.  Shame I didn’t take any pictures because they were glorious… best scenery yet.  (insert sarcasm bone!)   But it did give Madre an opportunity to go shopping at Marshall’s and then get a manicure after having picked at her fingernails the whole trip.  Laws almighty.   Side note:  Is the main ingredient in them chewable Pepto Bismols chalk… because seriously… I wrote my name on the sidewalk with one.

Sickness be danged… I was still determined to see the sights of Portland, Maine.  It was one of the cities I was most looking forward to due to my HUGE lighthouse afficionado club… I’m not only a member, I’m the club geekident!  There was a time in my life when you could have walked in my bedroom and been punched in the face with lighthouses.   I used to decorate in all lighthouse… it was gag-worthy actually, I had so much crap.  Today, you won’t find many lighthouse items… maybe 2 at the most… but I still have a love for the lighthouses… land-locked states be durned!

Our first lighthouse was in Cape Elizabeth, Maine at the Two Lights State Park.  There were 2 lighthouses visible from this vantage point, but they were privately owned, so we couldn’t get up close and personal.  No matter… I saw them and then stood on the rocky beach and took in the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean… I guess it was the Atlantic Ocean… either that or Casco Bay/Gulf of Maine.  It was water… let’s put it that way!

Y’all… check out this “rocking” chair!  Get it?  Oh laws, I slay myself.  Cool chair with a nice view, but holy hard seat, batman!  We then drove down a bit further to one of my most favorite lighthouses (based on pictures alone), Portland Head Lighthouse, which is the most photographed lighthouse in the USA.  This one you could actually get up close and personal with.  Not like I asked it out or anything, but we were able to walk around the grounds.

This unflattering picture was brought to you by the letter W for WINDY!  Toto, we ain’t in Kansas anymore!  After gawking for a while around that joint, we saw one more lighthouse, which I was too sick to want to walk out to, so got a picture from the car:

This is when Madre’s shopping spree and manicure came in handy.  I’m sure she had a glorious time!  We then headed to downtown Portland… looked at some shops walked around a bit.  There were 2 things Madre talked about wanting to do most before we headed out on the trip… the first was shopping at H&M (CHECK) and the 2nd was eating a lobster roll in Maine.  Whatever flips your dress up in the air, Madre.  We got recommendations from several shop owners on where the best place to get said lobster would be, and all of them said J’s Oyster Bar.  Okey dokey… it’s an oyster bar… but I’ll play along.  It was mostly a dive.

I think Madre talked so long about her lobster roll that she was a bit disappointed with it.  Such is the life of a lobster afficianado.  Stick with lighthouses… they rarely disappoint!


We then drove back to Two Lights State Park to eat some homemade Maine blueberry pie… the other most talked about item on Madre’s list.  This, she loved… I think it made up for the lackluster lobster!

Besides that… you couldn’t beat this view!

Maine… let’s do it again sometime… next time with less Belgian waffles and Hannafords!!

Question of the Day:  I used to collect lighthouse paraphrenelia… do you collect anything? 

Have a great weekend, friends!  Bore you all again on Mondee!


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Reasons Why This Is NOT A Blog Entry…

–  I will save y’all from the inner workings of my cloud-filled noggin… today it has been bursting into random jags of bawling and/or that numb feeling where you just want to cut it off.  On the upside, I finally got my butt into the doctor’s office this morning and “hopefully” discovered why I have been feeling like a cow turd with my shaking chills alternating with fever sweats, achy body, headache, cloudy noggin, and overall fatiguey feeling like all I can manage to muster is a howdy y’all.  The bad news, I waited too long to have it checked, so instead of a rather simple urinary tract infection, it has also spread up into my already disease kidneys… thus the shaking chills. The reason I was convinced to finally see a doctor?  I blacked out 3 times this morning and almost fainted when my knees refused to hold my weight.  I look for ALL of the signs!  You will thank me later.

–  I just bawled during a commercial for hearing aids… not just a tear up thing… but a big ole bawl because the cute grandpa could now hear his bad actress granddaughter say that she loved him!  Oh, the humanity!!

–  I bawled because the elevator broke at the hospital today and how the hill hall are the candy stripers gonna make it to the 3rd floor… plus, I had to walk weakly up 3 flights of stairs just to give a sample of something I’d rather never give to anyone… let alone someone I like.

–  I bawled when Piers Morgan from “America’s Got Talent” buzzed the cute little wee girls whose voices resemble that of a chipmunk… but they’re talented… give them a few more years or wo-rmone building.  I’d let them borrow 8 gallons of mine today.

Pretty sure all this bawling is a combination from feeling like I’m riding underneath a dump truck on the way up a dirt road… mixed with the wo-rmones from Jupiter.  So, in the meantime, talk amongst yourselves and I’m going to down pain pills, antibiotis, Jack Daniels mixed with cranberry juice (JOKES), and proceed to use my brain for what it’s best at… absolutely NOTHING!!

This is what I looked like during the hearing aid commercial… y’all… that was TENDER!


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Under the Weather!? WHAT THE!? More Like Caught In A Tornado!

I hate the term “under the weather?”  What does that even mean?  It sounds like I should be sitting out under a rain cloud like Eeyore… nekked and with no umbrella… there, now I’m totes “under the weather.”  On the other hand, “over the weather” totally makes sense.  I’ve been over the weather starting every January 1st until approximately July 1st.  The term I’d use for the way I’ve been feeling today is… “Batten down the friggin fraggin hatches, Toto… we ain’t in Kansas anymore!”  Turn that into a phrase, all 5 people who read this blog.  We’ll take the world by STORM!

So, I feel like I’ve been thrashed to death by a tornado… some sort of bug or infection or something… complete with chills and goosebumps (wearing a sweatshirt and a Snuggie in 90-plus-degree weather), followed by the hot flash sweats… where I turn into a 60-year-old woman fanning herself with anything that fans and sitting in front of a desk fan for hours like I’m channeling one of them anorexic supermodels during a photoshoot.  I’m assuming the chills followed by sweats is just the fever coming and then breaking.  Then, I feel like I’ve been run over by a Mack truck and thrown into a biker bar sporting a Hello Kitty tattoo.  All rundown and achy and headachey.  Of course, I still worked my hours at my job… I’m that effective with 0/3 of a brain on board.  There should be a law that we can’t get sick in the summer.  A LAW, I tell you.  I had such big plans for tonight.  I had my food menu all planned out… and my dinners were portioned in individual tupperwares in the frig.  I was planning on getting another 10 to 12 miles in on the bike tonight… and most importantly, I was planning to go to the opening of the new movie, The Help.

Instead, I barricaded myself on the couch wearing a sweatshirt with the hood pulled down to my chin, wrapped up in a Snuggie, dozing off whilst watching “Minute to Win It.”  Not exactly my idea of a productive evening.  And since I was feeling all garbagey, I didn’t eat any of the foods on my planned out menu because they didn’t sound goood in my foggy brain.  What did I eat instead?  CRAP!  Snacky foody crap.  This under the weather crapola is major inconvenient.  Why couldn’t it just happen when you don’t want to attend a friend’s wedding… so, you have a legitimate excuse.  I was battening down the frigging fragging hatches, Toto… we ain’t in Kansas anymore!!

Question of the Day:  Do you usually eat more or less when you are “under the weather?”


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