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Happiness is… PMS!!!

PSYCHE!!!  I would tell you it was opposite day but that seems like something a 7-year-old pulls out of the trunk of grade school sayings… so I’ll just say my glass is half full until the cat came along and tipped the dagnabbed thing over!  I mentioned in an earlier post this year that I was trying to do something at least once a week that made me happy… and smiley and such…. blah, blah, blah, blahblahblahblah!  This week’s happiness included a jaunt up the road to talented lady and her homemade owls!  One of Madre’s sweet friends (what up, Shauna) tipped her off to the land of owly things.

My back history with owls is rocky at best.  A few years back I had a freaky baby owl somehow fall down into my window well where he intended on staying and freaking me the heck out with his big-mongous nonblinking eyeballs staring at me like a crazy dude at a Star Wars convention.  I screamed every time I saw the sucker… do not tell me you wouldn’t if you saw this thing staring at you every time you tried to go to bed:

ACK!!!!  Even to this day I get the shivers when I see this picture!!!!!!  See his feathers all standing up around his head… that means he hates me and if there weren’t a pane of glass separating us he’d go all bat crap crazy on my hairdo!  Needless to say, I wasn’t a big fan of owls after that incident.  I wish I could find the video I took when I first discovered the owl… it was dagnabbed hilarious… me screaming like a pansy at a daffodil convention!   Fast forward a few years to last year when the big owl craze came out… owl fabric… owl stuffed animals… owls, owls, owls.  But these owls are adorbs and have no intention of harming my hairdo… so I’m kind of going through an owl obsession right now.  Lindsay and Madre have the same owly obsession going strong… I think they rubbed off on me.

What was I saying?  Oh yes… we went to this lady’s house who makes the most adorable owl stuffed decorations… and we bought us some because we’re cool like that…

Madre bought the set of 3 Valentiney owls and the cute missionary owl in the front.  I bought the apple owl and the thing behind it is a cool invention to put a hot curling iron/flat iron when you’re traveling and need to put it in your suitcase!  Brilliance!

The other thing that made me happy was the discovery of my new favorite body wash… it’s like bathing in a vat of chocolate… except more sanitary and less calories.

Molten Chocolate body wash from SoftSoap!!!!!!  My skin is sensitive and I usually break out into hives with most body wash brands… except for SoftSoap… so, thank you, SoftSoap for making my dream flavor.  It’s taken everything I have not to just open up the frimm frammed bottle and chug it down in the shower.  Pretty sure that would not be a wise idea… but I’ll let you know when I find out!  😛

Question of the Day:  What made you happy last week? 

Oooo… PS… After mentioning that we hadn’t had much snow in Friday’s post, we got us some on Saturday… heavy and wet and slushy snow… but snow nonetheless.  This was the result down the road in Bountiful, Utah… over confident drivers trying to get down a slushy hilly road… bwahahahahaha… it’s like bumper cars, ice skating style!!!  Sister Lindsay and BIL, Shayne had driven down this same exact road on Saturday morning and they had to go 5 mph to get down safely.  Side note:  None of the idiots in this video were injured… just their pride, their cars, and every other car that happened to be parked along the side of the road.



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