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The Weight of the Nation…

HBO… maker of raunchy movies and TV shows… has actually come out on the other side of the raunch for a few moments to enlighten and give us a 4-part documentary called The Weight of the Nation.  If you click on that there title, it will take you to their site where you can watch clips, see facts, and if you’re feeling up to it you can also watch the entire documentary for free (I’m not sure how long the sucker is but part 1 is 68 minutes long and there are 4 parts).  I am currently making my way through the documentary a little at a time so I can take time to absorb the info into my hair follicles.  The Weight of the Nation is basically a documentary about how we as a nation got fat, the effect it has on us, and what we need to do to turn it around.

I’m using this as my kickstart to get things moving in the right direction again… it’s an epidemic this massive nationwide weight issue.  For example… did you know that:

That would be 2/3 of our population.  There are many things to blame, but the biggest and baddest culprits are high calories and sedentary lifestyles… oh, and Krispy Kreme Donuts.  Just saying.  I found the following clip interesting.  To sum it up, basically if you have 2 people… same age, same weight, and one of those people has lost weight to get to her current weight and the other has not, the person who has lost weight will need to eat 20% fewer calories to maintain the same weight as the person who has never had to lose weight.  Depressing?  HECK YES, Bertha.  But, it’s a fact I’ll have to live with.

I’ll probably blog more about subjects as they come up in my slow watch of this series.  Just thought I’d bring it to the attention of any of my health conscious friends who may or may not be interested.  Onward and upward, Nation!!  Krispy Kreme is having a sale!

Question of the Day:  Had you heard about this documentary?  Thoughts on the documentary?  Or on Krispy Kreme?  😛


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