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My 600-Pound Life…

TLC (The Learning About Borderline Insane People Channel… oops, too many extra letters), has a new series they’ve been airing called, My 600-Pound Life.  I wasn’t convinced that I actually wanted to watch it.  I don’t like to go back to that place when I weighed 530 pounds… and seeing these people and the way they mustered through their life at that weight would be bringing up all sorts of unpleasant memories.  But, then I socked myself in the head and decided it would be a good motivational tool… something that would help me be grateful for how far I’ve come and also to propel me forward to finish taking off the rest of this pesky pie lard.  So, I DVRed it.

Basically, a camera crew follows a person who weighs over 600 pounds over the course of 7 years.  In those 7 years, they undergo gastric bypass surgery, a couple of skin removal surgeries, and so many ups and downs in their weight that the roller coaster at Six Flags is jealous.  There have been 3 episodes so far and there is just one more next Wednesday… the series finale… for anyone who is interested in trying to catch them… I’m pretty sure if you look at a TLC guide they’ll probably be reairing all of the previous episodes too.

It was depressing as all get out for me… and yet I did find myself counting myself lucky that at least I was more mobile than these folks.  They all had to ride around in jazzies just to get around… I never had to do that even at my highest… so, I was super grateful for my mobility.

It was also interesting to see that they ALL had trouble with weight gain after their gastric bypass surgeries.  For anyone who has followed this blog long enough, I had the surgery about 11 years ago, and I gained every ounce I had lost back.  It really is a tool… not a miracle cure… and most super morbidly obese people who aren’t ready to change their lifestyle, will not be successful even with the surgery tool.  I definitely learned that the hard way… but I guess you can’t regret it if it taught you a thing or 12 in the long run.

Overall, I was glad I watched this show.  If anything, it bolstered my desire to want to keep going… and also to never return to the quarter ton years!


Meanwhile… a bit of FYI for all you clueless folk out there.  You may have realized that this year was Leap Year… aka add one extra day to February just to make February feel better about itself.  But, I bet you didn’t know that they’ve now added an additional additional day.  Thank all that be holy that my Thomas Light English Muffins let me in on this secret!

So, in case you’re wondering… my muffins expire February 30th… mark it on your calendar… even if you have to pencil in the additional day.  It’s kind of like Daylight Savings Time, except with actual days instead of hours.

Question of the Day:  Have you seen this TLC show?  What did you think? 


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Missed America…

We have this weird annual tradition… something about gathering in the basement to watch the Miss America pageant like it be our favorite show in the universe!  This could not be any further from the truth.  The Miss America Pageant is not on my top 300 list of favorite shows yet I’m fascinated… FASCINATED!  I’m mostly fascinated that grown women don’t mind parading around a stage mostly nekked and being judged on their bodies.  The contestants say it’s all about their brains and they do win scholarships if they win, but then why would they need to parade around nearly nekked if the judges were judging their brain folds?  Wouldn’t it be a cooler idear if the hosts of the pageant took out a hacksaw, sawed a hole in the top of each of the contestant’s head, scooped out their brain, and then made them parade around the stage wearing a paper bag over their head carrying their brains on full display on a plate?  So, what you’re telling me is that I watched too many episodes of Dateline NBC over the weekend?  I swear to you I have never seen that Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie… SWEAR to you!

So, anyway… we watched the contestants… Madre mostly just likes to see that there are other girls out there as tall as she is (5’10”)… and if they’re taller than she is, she makes sure to let everyone know via an announcement and text message for those not in the room!  I think she feels a kinship to these tall, nearly nekked girls.

Speaking of… don’t get me started on the show on TLC, Toddlers and Tiaras!?!?!?!?!?  Too late… Has anyone seen that show?  Because seriously, I usually sit through an episode with my jaw done lying down on the carpet.  There cannot be parents out there like this… and they cannot be allowed to ever own little people under the age of 21!!!!!!!  I think the following mom done won Mother Most Likely to Get Her Kid Addicted to Drugs…

I read an article where she gave away the contents of the “Go Go Juice”…. Mountain Dew mixed with Red Bull… totes an appropriate 6-year-old child drink mixture.  I hear when she’s 8, her mom will just let her hide a flask of Jack Daniels down in her shoe.

Back to Miss America… congratulations my Wisconsian friends… you now hold the title of Miss America until the above girl grows up and dethrones your non-GoGoJuice drinking butts!  Yah, I predicted it… anyone want in on the bet?

Question of the Day:  Have you seen Toddlers and Tiaras?  What’s your view on pageants?



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