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I wasn’t going to post anything, but figured I best if I’m using this old fashioned blog (Snapchat what!?) as a sort of a journal. It’s good to make note of milestones… no matter if it may have taken 20 years to reach said milestone… because perseverance counts for something… it just has to said the tortoise to the hare.

I graduated high school in 1997… y’all… put your calendars away… that was 20 damn-fried years ago. By fall of 1997 I enrolled at USU because that’s what all the cool kids were doing… and by cool I really mean non-druggy. High school came easy to me… I’d do a lot of my homework on the bus or 5 minutes before the class started and I’d still get A’s. College, I found was not the same beast. I had to study… and I really didn’t know how to study. I also figured I’d be superwoman my freshman year and on top of having a full-time schedule of classes, to pay for those classes (no scholarships for the Whitmeister despite good grades and ACT score), I also was juggling 3 jobs and had a death wish with a newly-diagnosed diabetes disease. Needless to say, I bombed big time. I got my first D’s and F’s in all my school career. I had too much going on and not enough desire to focus on the betterment part of my life. I faked my way through a few more semesters… got some more poor grades… did less studying… worked 2 jobs (quit 1), and gained approximately 200 pounds in the process. By Spring of 1999 I fizzled out of the USU thing and just worked. A few years later I attended a year+ of Bridgerland Applied Technology College to become a medical transcriptionist, and that’s where I worked for approximately 13 years.

To make a long story even boringer, I realized that if I wanted to see my dream of owning my own place and perhaps a small country in Europe, I’d either have to adopt a rich grandfather, become a mail order bride for rich blind people, or I’d have to finish that dagnabbed degree at USU and give myself a fighting chance. Transcription was also going the way of the dinosaur with technology advancing, so there was double reason to pick option C. By fall of 2012, I’d re-enrolled at USU and started my college career again. I still worked full time, but only 1 job and decided to keep things sane I better just do part-time school with a full-time job. I was determined to not make the same mistakes I had years earlier. To be honest, I was pretty sure I’d fizzle out again after a few semesters and register for that rich grandfather program, but something in me kept going… semester after semester, 6 or 7 credits per semester and a realization that I’d be near geezer status by the time I finally graduated.

I graduated this weekend… pulled my pitiful 2.4 GPA when I fizzled out in early 1999 up to near a 3.8 (that’s including my F’s and D’s as those don’t get erased from your transcript). Life is funny… could this be the time I was meant to finish my long sought after bachelor’s degree… in my late 30s with greying foliage? If you believe that lives are mapped out before we arrive here on Earth, then absolutely. I’m just doing things out of order.

Call me a late bloomer… I’m wayyyy behind all of you cool kids, but finishing something big like this, for this chic who has a closet full of unfinished crafting disasters, is something to pat myself on the back for. Now, if I could only figure out what I want to be when I grow up!? ūüėõ I’m open to suggestions!

PS – If anyone knows of a really cool job who is looking for a hardworking, responsible to a fault, newly graduated girl named Whitney, I’m at the top of that list.

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Let’s Be Cooler This Week…

This past week has been an interesting week for me. Interesting in that it has been as weird as anytime Kanye West opens his yapper. I would say it was a bad luck week, but I just started my positivity movement 5 minutes ago, and it would suck to already break my 4-1/2 minute positivity streak! YAY, WHITNEY!! Dang… back to 0… I just complained about my new neck pillow… it’s awkward y’all! Because my old one disintegrated in the washing machine this weekend after 2 years of regularly washing it once a week… and I’d just broken it in too! Let’s take a moment to mourn the neck pillow. Okay, moving on.

Summer semester also started this past Monday, after a 3-day break from spring semester ending… which made me all cranky, and now I’m pretty much on a strike because it’s taken me all dagnabbed week to read 30 pages in my sociology book, it’s Sunday night and I still have 7 pages left, the homework assignment and the quiz. Homework… let’s be cool and start doing you, okay!?

Classes for summer semester include a juvenile delinquency course for my sociology minor and a physics course dealing with the universe and cosmology, which is required and my guidance counselor has told me I needed to take it every semester now for the past 4 years and I’ve put it off, but now I only have like 3 semesters left (2 after summer) and I sorta can’t put it off any longer. I cried for like 5 days when the first assignment this week was an algebra quiz. Uhhhhh… the last time I did algebra was in high school, and I don’t mean to date myself, but that was longer than 10 years ago, but less than 100 years ago… you do the math! Math deals with numbers… why do I have 15 letters in these dang equations! I’ve been watching algebra tutorials all week long, and it’s like watching someone giving a lecture on molecular fusion… except more annoying. It would work better, if you’d tutorial the exact same problems I’m doing, YouTube geniuses! Let’s hope that Whitney’s brain develops a love for all things mathematics before the end of the semester… but let’s not hold our breaths!

Rounding out the weirdness, I spent 5 hours in the dentist’s chair and 1000 bucks… spent 700 bucks to get my Beulah the Buick car’s air conditioner fixed (after 4 years of not having an air conditioner), only to have it break again the next day. Yep… she’s going back into the shop on Tuesdee… and then I somehow threw out my back and couldn’t move or walk for 4 days… which was cool and all because it gave me an opportunity to start my new positivity movement, which I will have to start again after I finish writing this post… see how hard it is to be positive!? Well, I’ll be Aunt Bea!

Lookit… BoBo has moved on from grand theft autoing Beulah the Buick to sports cars… we always knew he had good taste in criminal activity.

He says… I so proud of myself!

Happy Birthday to my Dad (yesterday)… He turned 65 years young and doesn’t look a day over 64! I meant 40! Stop it! I’ve said this already in an FB post and a card, so I’m kind of like a really broken record, but the thing I most took away from my dad is hard work… he’s worked hard all of his life and taught my sister and I to do the same. He was also a great example of service. He’s done many services quietly and without being asked to friends and neighbors. Hope year 65 is a good one, Dad!


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The End Of Three Eras…

Back when I first graduated high school in the late 1800s, I quit my Western Watts telemarketing job and got me 2 new jobs to add to my Freshman full time college resume. I got a job working at the local movie theaters (yes, there were 3 I worked at), and I also got me a job at K-Mart (or as we used to call it Kame-apart). I worked at K-Mart for at least 6 or so years until I couldn’t stand hefting my 500+-pound body on my feet all day long. In the years I worked at K-Mart, I was a cashier, shelf stocker, truck unloader, Electronics and Sporting Goods Department worker, Layaway worker, and my favorite (unless it was 12,000-degrees outside) was garden shop worker, where-in I worked outside all day watering plants and hefting manure, dirt, and cinder blocks into the back of cars. It was amusing the things people couldn’t grasp about the weight of cinder blocks versus their 3-inch Volkswagen Bug and the fact that if you got too many in the trunk, you’d be dragging the back of the car against the road all the way home… kind of like the 3rd little piggie crying wee wee wee, but much different with more cussing. One dude wanted to put a whole pallet of cinder blocks into his mini truck. Let’s just say… hope he had good insurance! I digress… TANGENT ALERT!!!!

I have good memories of working at K-Mart, even amidst the bad ones, so when I learned earlier this year that it would be closing its doors for good, I had to take a moment to mourn.

I went in on Saturday to pay my respects. It was like a ghost town, almost empty except for some merchandise marked to 80% off in the middle of the store.

I even ran into an old co-worker who was still working there and remembered me from 15+ years ago. She said that she shouldn’t have worn makeup as she’d been crying. She’d worked there for nearly 30 years! Hasta lavista, K-Mart! May your cinder block idiots live on in another town.


In other news… this is Old Main Hill up at Utah State University…

Do we notice anything slightly odd about it? This really seems like something I would do. Apparently, this past fall, some groundskeeper/student worker accidentally sprayed the left half of the lawn with grass killer instead of weed killer. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That picture doesn’t do it justice, but you get the gist of it. Every time I drive past it, I feel sorry for it and then I immediately start laughing… because like I mentioned earlier… TOTALLY SOMETHING I WOULD DO! Welcome spring students… we are offering a scholarship in grass killing 1010.


My cuzzin JenJen came up for a quick jaunt to attend her mother’s wedding this weekend. She had a super busy schedule, so I had to make an appointment to hang out with them when she arrived on Thursday afternoon/evening. This is the first time I got to meet sweet little Baby Livia! Awwwww… sweet little Livia…

I agree, mother… don’t make that face or your face will freeze that way! Oh lawsy pantaloons.

We all went out for an evening jaunt (aka try to wear out the babies session) where-in Whitney got distracted by blooming things and canal water (what!?! I’m in mourning over my canal water shortage).

We tried to get BoBo and Livia to bond… but BoBo is more interested in bonding with Auntie Whitty Woo’s owly owl camera phone.

I don’t blame you, BoBo… owly owls are pretty awesome!

Livia is all calm as a pumpkin and BoBo is intent on poking her eyes out and eating her head… right after he finishes kicking her. Oh BoBo, you rascal…

Thanks for clearing your schedule some for me, dear JenJen!! Sure loved seeing you guys for a few hours… even if no one made me any donuts… or gluten free, soy free, dairy free, egg free, magical fairy free pancakes.


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Wimpmeister Whitney…

To those of you giving birth this day… it’s your day… laboring next to an American flag is preferrable today, but if one isn’t available, a bedpan will do. ¬†As for the rest of us, we’ll have to make due on this holiday not for us… change a diaper or something in memorium. ¬†If anyone needs me, I’ll be curled up in the fetal position in the corner with my blanky and a binky.

Meanwhile, I mentioned briefly last week that fall semester started. ¬†I had signed up for my classes, purchased all of my books, and was sitting in a pool of anxiety and dread at the thought of having to take a regular daytime class 3 days a week at my geezerly age of mid-30s. ¬†It’s not geezerly to everyone, I realize, but if you be between the ages of 18 and 22, I might as well be taking my dentures out and walking around in adult diapers in my mid-30s. ¬†I got up Monday morning early and I drug my aspercreme to that class. ¬† Parking was horrendous on the first day and then I passed a dude wearing a pink bunny suit… which nearly made me sprint on back to my vehicle… you seen me sprint lately!? ¬†I didn’t think so. ¬†I made it to the classroom and settled into the back corner… the favorite of all introverted anti-socialites. ¬†Hi Hermit Gertrude! ¬†The professor knows me well. ¬†I had her for Spanish both semesters last year, and I was basically the only student in the Logan classroom amidst 12 TVs from cities all over the state. ¬†She is a sweet lady, but I’m pretty sure I’m older than her by a couple of years as well. ¬†Hi… I’m apparently obsessed with my age.

There were about 30 or so students in that classroom and I was desperately looking around trying to find my fellow geezer compadres… who were not there! ¬†The class consisted of us introducing ourselves to each other in Spanish in pairs of two, rotating out every couple of minutes. ¬†I hated every minute of it. ¬†When I’m shoved into making small talk with new people, I freeze and my brain gets all jumbled and it’s hard for me to get the right words to fit into the right sentence… and that’s when I’m introducing myself in English… my Spanish was rusty after having not touched a book for 4 months, so I mostly sat there and spoke awkward Spanglish… the language of the anxiety sufferers! ¬†Everyone introduced them to me as being 20… I swear to you… every last one of them was 19 or 20… and so for every introduction I just said “muy vieja” (very old) for my age… that is when I could remember those words in my anxiety-seized brain. ¬†One kid actually told me that because I was old, I’d have more world experience and could guide my compadres through the class. ¬†Please shut thy mouth young fry. ¬†When the class was over, I had made up my mind that I wasn’t ever coming back. ¬†And when I make up my mind (which is rarely as I’m the wishy washy queen), it’s a hard sell for me to change it.

That night, I dropped the class and had to absorb the cost of the book since I had signed in using the access code and now no one else could use it. ¬†Wimpmeister Whitney at your service…

Now, the rose-colored glasses part. ¬†I honestly considered not finding another to replace the Spanish class… which would have messed up my graduation plan drastically and I’d have to attend at least a year more than I would have had I stayed in. ¬†I have a handfull of semesters left before I can graduate and in my major I need at least 4 to 5 semesters of a foreign language. ¬†I have 2 semesters of Spanish and if I were to switch to another language, I’d be looking at 3 more semesters of the other language, instead of 4 semesters of Spanish. ¬†I bucked up and signed up for Italian, which is taught online, went up to the bookstore the next day and bought the book. ¬†Honestly, as wimpy as it seems, I feel 10 times better about my decision now that it is done and over with. ¬†Languages are hard for me to learn anyway, and I might as well make it as comfortable on myself as possible. ¬†There are other things I can conquer the introvert issues with… and not be looked at as Grandma Whitney.

The other class is a requirement for one of the goals in my major, History of Jazz music, which is totally up my alley.  I love me some Jazz and it will be interesting to learn the history of it.  No wimping out there.
Here’s some angry BoBo Bourneo for your viewing pleasure. ¬†He was pretty pissed when I told him about the class too!


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Whitney Overly and Unecessarily Whelmed

You know how I get all uptight over pretty much everything out of the norm… and possibly norma… I’ll ask. ¬†It’s like one of my least favorite pastimes… ye ole stick up the patookus chic! ¬†Mostly I just sit around lamenting and don’t get anything worthwhile done and by the time I’m done lamenting it’s time for bed. It’s a very trying pastime wherein sometimes I’ll also watch really lame-wad shows on the Food Network. ¬†Last month it was some show about outrageous gourds… tonight it was some show about outrageous holiday foods. ¬†Apparently I didn’t learn my lesson… or else I was too busy lamenting.

What the helium balloon am I yammering about? ¬†Well, it’s finals week this week and I have this sudden sense of holy crimeny… I have too much homework to get done! ¬†This isn’t new. ¬†There seems to be too much homework every week, but there’s something about the finality of it all that freaks me out. ¬†Like if I do horrid on a test mid-semester… eh… I’ll make up for it as the semester goes on… but if I do horrid on a test during finals week… that’s it. ¬†Wham bam, we be done, Loretta! ¬†Where’s that tiny violin, Merle? ¬†I need to be sawing on it whilst I’m lamenting. ¬†I’m also attempting to put together a 7-page paper on escapism in “The Glass Menagerie” wherein my thesis statement I spent all weekend preparing is 45 kinds of nonsensicalness and at this point… eh… I don’t care! ¬†Tomorrow I wake up, go to work for 7 to 8 hours and then after my paying job, I get to stare at the computer again for another 25 hours reading scholarly articles. ¬†It really is a blessing because I shouldn’t have time to watch the next installment in the series… outrageous chics named Whitney.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t remember to introduce you all to the newest ceramic reindeer in our collection: ¬†Lucy-Fur the Pink-Nosed CatDeer… had a very wetly nose!

Ceramic Santa was all like, “On Comet, on Ajax, on Windex, and Clorox…” ¬†Those are the best reindeer… said the tightly wound germ-a-phobe chic!

In other news, if you haven’t watched this yet, it’s definitely worth the 2:30 minutes. ¬†A good reminder with all the hustle and bustle that this season brings, what our real reason for celebrating is!

He is the gift…


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Burrito Chimchanga en el Taco Bello…

There’s a new visitor in my window well of doom and gloom this night. ¬†It seems to be a very PMS-y mouse… or at least one with 8 different personalities. ¬†Right now the personality is the psycho serial killer named Manson as I’m pretty sure he’s eating a hole through my window screen as we speak… and by morning, he’ll have burrowed in through the glass and devoured my left pinky finger. ¬†You don’t eat this body in a day! ¬†It’s meant to be savoured for at least a century and a half! ¬†Pass the bacon!

That aside… and believe you me, I’ve been shrieking every time I hear him rustling the dead leaves and picking at the window screen… how old am I!? We’re going into the 3rd week of fall semester. ¬†I have 2 classes again this semester… another English literature class that meets on Tuesday nights from 5 to 8 and a Spanish class that meets on Thursday nights from 5 to 8. ¬†They both require mucho class participation and basically make me want to vomit on a biweekly basis. ¬†The Spanish class particularly is anxiety ridden. ¬†When I get nervous, I have a hard time remembering words in English let alone a foreign tongue. ¬†

It’s a broadcast course and our Logan classroom is the main classroom where the teacher resides in person. ¬†There are a bajillion television screens throughout the room with people from other cities in Utah. ¬†There’s one in Brigham City, Moab, Ephraim, Tooele, Mount Pleasant, etc. ¬†So, it’s like we in Logan are Jem (she’s truly truly truly outrageous) and all of the other TV screens are the holograms and the misfits (our songs are better). ¬†For most of the class we break into what the teacher calls “pods” (I guess… she teaches the class in Spanish, so basically I just sit there staring at her like a doof-bag while she repeats the same question 800 times hoping that one of the times I’ll be hit by the magical Espanol fairy and suddenly know what the crap she is saying). ¬†A pod consists of one member of our Logan classroom (there are only 5 of us) sitting in front of a TV screen where there are a bunch of students from other cities. ¬†So, it’s me… and then 10 people from Brigham City on a TV screen, which makes me feel like I’m the one who should be in charge of the group since I’m with the teacher and all by my lonesome on a TV screen. ¬†We rotate screens in Logan, but the other cities just sit there and cross their fingers that that one awkward chic doesn’t sit down in front of them. ¬†OH LAWSY! ¬†

Of course, I’m most likely over exaggerating their thoughts, but what do you expect of me with a psycho serial killer mouse on the loose. ¬†Whenever the teacher asks me a question in Spanish I immediately start panicking and then giggle like a 5-year-old on crack cocaine. ¬†Teeheheeehheheheheheehheeeeeeeee ¬† Breathe in… breathe out… this would be a good opportunity to practice my diaphragmatic breathing and/or hide the cookies… ALL the cookies! ¬†

In other OTHER news… we finally got to the Ogden Temple Open House this past Friday. ¬†Beautiful temple! ¬†Except they had crystal candy dishes in every hallway with NO candy! ¬†Grandma B would be appalled.

I’m posting this picture even though Madre’s eyes are closed… you snooze you lose. ¬†Also, I am not in the picture… and that makes me happiest of all.

We also had Corbin’s 7th birthday party celebration with the world’s smallest cake. ¬†Only because there was peach pie to be had. ¬†Who passes that up for cake!? ¬†


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Mishing and Mashing…

Random blog post alert. ¬†Alert the church elders! ¬†My thoughts seem to be like a big ole pile of scrambled eggs right now, so trying to stick to one topic is going to be mighty trying… oh look, a door. ¬† This will be like running through a mish mash of Madre’s closet mixed with Lindsay’s 6 closets. ¬†A fashionista/muumuu-wearer’s dream come true!

This past Tuesday I had a day off from work on account of the fact that I worked Memorial Day weekend. ¬†What to do on a day off? ¬†The smart answer would have been homework… but sometimes a girl doesn’t use the smart part of her brain, so instead I decided to drive the 45 minutes up to my happy place, Tony Grove. ¬†It was the end of May… surely the snow will have been melted enough to drive up into the lake portion. ¬†Not really… it was looking good at the lower elevations but about 2 miles from the actual lake, I had to turn around on account of the fact that there was a foot or two of snow blocking the road. ¬†Apparently, the sun wasn’t doing its job fast enough.

What do I pay you for? ¬†Sunburns and drought? ¬†Get on with it! ¬†The above picture was about a mile before the snow started blocking the roadway. ¬†Instead I just drove around random lanes and got out and walked when I couldn’t drive further.

Met up with one of my favorite meeses… pretty sure this one is Beelzebub. ¬†Drove over to the Bear Lake lookout where there was a band of bikers relieving themselves in the weeds… ¬†Just because you’re a man doesn’t mean the world is your “R” receptacle!

No pictures of that… moving on… moving on…

I’ll give the sun one more month to get with it… then I’m going back. ¬†Do not disappoint me, sun!

In other news… ¬†I know it’s spring when Madre adds to her criminal history. ¬†I got this picture as proof for the trial.

At the bank… after hours, loading up on lilacs with a pair of pruning shears. ¬†The SHAME!! ¬†THE SHAME! ¬†I was not an accomplice. ¬†I was unwittingly brought to this location with the information that I was going to the grocery store… nothing else.

In less incriminating news… we had our annual backyard-ditch-bank-search-for-the-baby-ducklet outing with my pals, Makayla and her foreign exchange friend, Juanito Bandito, Jr.

Psyche! ¬†That would be Corbin’s evil twin. ¬†We did see some cute duckies, but apparently they weren’t in the mood to pose for any pictures… aka I didn’t get any.

Finally… to the dude sitting in front of me at the USU computer lab yesterday whilst I was trying to take a proctored exam, I am going to blame my less-than-stellar score on the fact that I sat there for 45 minutes whilst you wiped snot particles all over your hands every 3 seconds and then proceeded to use the mouse and keyboard like it was a snottified petri dish! ¬†How’s a girl with 5 billion issues supposed to concentrate after that display of nastiness? ¬†I rest my case!




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Managing Psychoticness…

This is the first summer I’ve signed up for USU classes. ¬†Usually I sit summer out because I enjoy summer and I like to be able to feel like I can get outside here and there instead of stuffed in a dungeon of vitamin D-less fluorescent lightbulbs night and day. ¬†But, I ain’t getting any younger and this face ain’t getting less wrinkly, so I figure I best get to hopping, and I signed up. ¬†The semester started the weekend after the spring semester ended on May 5th. ¬†No breaks for the psychotic they say! ¬†Something like that. ¬†I wish these “they” people would shut their traps a little bit more and quit giving me new phrases to butcher.

My classes this semester are both online, the first one, History of Utah, which we’ve already established that the professor will not, I repeat… WON’T let me use contractions or the phrase, Oh my stars and garters! ¬†I actually did get marked down because I used won’t in a paper. ¬†Oh my stars and garters… imagine if I’d used shan’t!

For this class, I just finished reading the most boring book in the history of boring books,¬†The Dominguez-Escalante Journal, which chronicles an expedition that some Franciscan Spaniards took way back in 1776 through New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. ¬†I cannot count how many times they told me they passed a rock or how many leagues they traveled in a day. ¬†SNORE!! ¬†Sometimes they came across a tribe of Indians and then it got a little more interesting, but it was mostly about sagebrush and pine cones and the weather. ¬†I got out my journal from when I was a little girl and all I wrote in it was what they had for school lunch that day and whether it was sunny or rainy. ¬†I about had a conniption of glee on school lunchroom pizza day! ¬† One of these days when they don’t publish my childhood journal, people who don’t read it are going to know all about chicken nuggets and that mystery green meat next to the waxy peas. ¬†Way more interesting than sagebrush, Dominguez!

The next class I thought would be very beneficial since the name of it is Managing Stress. ¬†I don’t manage stress well, unless you count the time I threw a book at a moving ceiling fan as management. ¬† So far, 3 weeks into the class and I’m more stressed out than before I started! ¬†Maybe this is the way it’s supposed to be so when we get done with the class in a few months, we’ll all be less stressed than during the class, but still more stressed than before the class!? ¬†Is that the way it works? ¬†Maybe I just need to get a better system down. ¬†She’s making us practice all of these stress relieving techniques on a daily basis whilst journaling them, reading a textbook, doing long assignments, taking quizzes, and studying for a big exam incorporating 6 chapters every 3 weeks. ¬†It’s like a full time job just hopped right out my textbook and landed in my craw. ¬†I think my method of throwing books at moving ceiling fans is a much easier stress-relieving method because it takes 3 seconds and then someone yells at you. ¬†That’s it… done!

Boy… y’all just wait and see. ¬†I’m going to be a flim-flammed hair-less stress-less woman come August… ¬†Keep y’alls eyes open for ceiling fan sales.


PS Р A great big thank you to all of the men and women, past, present, and future who so selflessly serve(d) our great country.  Happy Memorial Day!





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Liberating the Wishy Washiness…

Not really. ¬†The wishy washiness is still firmly implanted deep in the tendrils of my being. ¬†I don’t think my being has tendrils, but it sounded really cool in my head and I went with it.

I am pretty sure I’ve mentioned on this blog once or never that I am not so enamoured with my major of choice, technical writting. ¬†So, I’ve been wracking/racking/racketeering/ROCKING my brain as to what else to choose. ¬†Math and Science extraordinaire was number 12 billion on my list of possible majors, so I’m pretty sure I’ll never make it that far down the list. ¬†Sorry rocket scientists; I will not be gracing your presence any time soon. ¬†I finally settled on liberal arts. ¬†I’m durn sure the liberal arts major is a prime major for people who can’t make up their minds to save their lives. ¬†Mostly because you don’t have to settle on one subject. ¬†It’s a conglomeration of a bunch of subjects all rolled into one big ole ball of confusion. ¬†And then there’s the never-ending question,¬†Liberal arts, eh? ¬†And what exactly will you do with that major when you graduate? ¬† Pipe down, Barbara Walters! ¬†Good laws! ¬†Can’t please anyone up in this county.

A trip to the career center is in order, but I’ve seen my guidance counselor where she gave me a confusing rundown of all the requirements and then I decided to double minor in English and sociology. ¬†The liberal arts major also requires 2 years of a foreign language. ¬†Yo habla Espanol? ¬†Me llama, Patricia. ¬†Turns out knowing how to count to 10 in Spanish does not knock it down to a year requirement. ¬†I already asked.

Onward and upward friends.  Until the next time we wishy washily meet.



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Brain Seizing…

You know those people who go to a class/lecture/church and they sit in the wayyyyy back and try to blend in with the curtains and the wall paint so they don’t get asked questions? ¬†Poster child at your service! ¬†I’ve never been a class participater. ¬†I’d prefer to sit and listen rather than be invaded by the anxiety-ridden/ADD brain I get when having to actually say something outloud. ¬†Unfortunately, the Professional Writing course I signed up for is NOT cool with the drapery camouflaging idea… seriously… stop it. ¬†In fact, the professor even added participation into the grading. ¬†So, written assignments account for 33% of my grade, tests and quizzes account for 33% of my grade, and class participation accounts for 34% of my grade! ¬†Basically that means I get to sit through the 3-hour class every Tuesday night like a mental patient about to climb the camouflaged walls! ¬† A night in the life of my brain.

Whitney’s Brain: ¬†Okay, when should I say something and how should I word it? ¬†What if I say a wrong word that doesn’t mean the right thing and everyone thinks I just dropped off the turnip truck on Friday? ¬†I can’t think of anything intelligent. ¬†What if I talk about donuts? Nope… that sounds dumb. ¬†Also, Whitney… do not do those huge sweeping arm movements you do when you’re trying to talk outloud… it looks psychotic and like you are auditioning for the synchronized swimming team. ¬†It smells like bacon in here. ¬†If a pig were fed bacon, would he be considered a pig cannibal? ¬†I hate bacon but I sure do love Charlotte’s Web… because that’s almost about bacon but not really… it’s a prize-winning pig. ¬†Although, if I ran into a talking spider I’d have gone all ape crap on it with a book and a thousand pieces of toilet paper. ¬†

Professor:  Whitney, what are some ways that writing in the workplace is different than writing for school?

Whitney:  Wilbur the terrific pig was approximately 2 more movie hours away from becoming a bacon cannibal.  

Social anxiety is like the barbecue pits… but literally! ¬†Also, that’s why I’m taking a WRITING class because I’m so much better at expressing my thoughts on paper than I am by mouth. ¬†Things just get all jumbled up and I can’t string together a coherent thought when that happens. ¬†It’s a wonder I even know what’s going on up in that class with all this talk about cannibalism. ¬†ūüėõ ¬†It’s also hard to blend in because there are only 10 of us in the class, so it’s not like they won’t notice if you never say anything.

This will be my learning experience.  I will learn to conversate in a class setting about cannibal pigs with the best of them!  You bet your sweet bacon!

Meanwhile… I miss my daily woggercizing!! ¬†Winter only has a few more months, right? ¬†Instead of woggercizing, I’m trying to do exercise DVDs/Wii games, except I’m not the most coordinated individual on the planet. ¬†I did the Dance Dance Revolution Wii game and instead of following the dance moves because I literally cannot get the moves down, I just flail around like a seizure patient. ¬†At least it’s movement and exercise. ¬†I need other options, though!

Question of the Day: ¬†Any recommendations for winter exercising/exercise DVDs? ¬†I’m willing to take any suggestion! ¬†

PPS – ¬†Congrats to my cuzzin JenJen and husband Seth on the birth of their 2nd son, Blaize! ¬†I can’t wait to meet the feller next month, y’all! ¬†Clear out the bacon drawer!¬†


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