Oh, It’s Her Again?

Lucy-Fur has been grounded for the weekend.  She will not be allowed to sit… errr… what the heck do cats do all day besides sit?  She’s grounded for something.  Despite me trying to teach her not to sit on the furniture… loading up the couch with magazines so she can’t get comfortable anywhere, she still does it when I’m not looking.  Blasted kitty cat anyway!  Last Saturday I walked into the basement to this:

As you can see… I totally cussed her out in my cheesy talk-to-a-cat-like-it’s-a-care-bear voice.  So, Sunday morning I was expecting different… instead, I found this…

You little piker!  It’s like telling a brick wall to do a jig.  Also, I think she thinks if she buries her head deep into the couch, we won’t be able to see her.  Between burying her head in the couch and burying her head in armpits, this cat is going to suffocate to death one day. Mark my words, Marvin!

Question of the Day:  Any tips for keeping pets off the furniture?  

Have a fabulous weekend, friends!





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9 responses to “Oh, It’s Her Again?

  1. Faith

    If you ask me, it’s impossible to keep cats off furniture. You would be horrified to hear that I let my cats sleep on my pillow and under my blankets.

  2. Diana Davidson

    Answer to your question: NOPE!

  3. Avster

    But she’s smart, Whit! She knows no one sits up there so she figures the top needs to get worn too!

    I’ve never tried to stop my cats from being on the furniture (soft furniture) but they are not allowed to be on the kitchen table (or any table) or the counters. If they are caught on the counter I pick them up and swat their little hienies. That’s not saying that from time to time they don’t get up there though. 😉 When they know better they promptly get tossed outside.

    You could try spraying the furniture with a smell that Lucy doesn’t like… but it better be smell you can tolerate. 😉


    Love the Lucy-fur!
    She is so cute and look at that sleepy face.
    Such a pretty kitty.

    We adopted our cat, Starburst, from an animal shelter and she was only a year old but she already knew not to get on furniture. The kids quickly taught her otherwise and would bring her up on the couch with them when they were watching tv/movie. We keep a blanket over the couch at all times because of this. She did that for years but she has only had a scolding and a clap of our hands ( loudly ) to get her attention when she is looking to get on another piece of furniture. Otherwise, she keeps her paws on the ground and is happy to lay on the carpet underneath the ceiling fan or out on the deck.

    My Dad’s cat, “Guess”, is 14 yrs old and has always been allowed up on the couch, recliner, and bed with my Dad. Since his passing last year, she has had to learn a few new things living here with us. She is still allowed up on the couch and she gets a cushion from the deck furniture to lay on when she is out there.

    Neither cat is allowed in the bedrooms.

    Cats are smart and can be taught boundaries ( but as soon as you leave, they will push those boundaries ).

  5. cl2

    I’m not good at training my dogs either. So–I got the itty-bitty dog so I can just pick him up–but he is allowed on all the furniture. My “ex” tried to train our first dog and the dog taught me how to spoil him–so I’m good at spoiling dogs. Remember the giant dog I batysat most of last year–you can’t do that with a big assertive dog. I had to train her–but I never got to a point I liked her–sad to say. I tolerate her. I just have to accept I’ll never be a good pet trainer–they train me.

  6. Karen

    Good luck. Our cat does about whatever she wants and sleeps where ever she wants. Right now she is in a spot of sun right next to the front storm door. She rules and I don’t let it bother me. Cats are interesting and don’t really care about pleasing you like a dog does. Have a great week end and go Aggies!

  7. Alena

    Owen loves the video! We’ve already watched it several times!

  8. Dena

    Lol, I have to admit that I laughed at the idea of teaching a cat to do anything. Our cat’s favorite things to do are the things she KNOWS we don’t want her to do. Hey! Maybe we should try reverse cat phychology!? I like dogs much better. I’m not good at “training” them to do anything either, but at least when I come through the front door, they treat me like they haven’t seen me in years and they’re sooooooo happy I’m home…..even if I’ve only been gone 5 minutes! 🙂

  9. 21ladybug

    We have two cats. I have given up on trying to keep them off soft furniture but I have my limits. My pillow is off limits, the kitchen table, and the kitchen counters. However, here is my suggestion: place extra fluffy stuff in the place where you prefer the cat to nap. This seems to work with my two crazy cats. Sometimes I’ll even use a pile of newspaper to attract the cats to a certain spot. I’m not really clear why lying down on newspaper all day is fun for cats but I choose not to argue! My cats also enjoy the top of the couch cushions so I cover the favorite spot with a folded blanket that is easier to clean than the upholstery. Good luck with Lucy-fur!

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