Guess Who’s Turning 29 For the 31st Time In A Row!?!?!?

See how courteous I am?  I didn’t actually blabber out your age, Madre.  I’d say that there deserves daughter of the year award!  Or, just round it up and give me Daughter of the Century!  Today is Madre’s birthday and as we speak, Madre is celebrating in a bonnet and Laura Ingalls Wilder getup, pushing a handcart through the Wyoming wilderness with 250 youth ages 14 to 18.  Now, I ain’t no expert or nothing, but if that weren’t a party, you don’t know a party!  Digging a hole for your bathrooming duties, sleeping on the dirt, eating over a fire of buffalo chips!?  Where the crimeny was my invite?  Trek… gotta love it.  So, since she isn’t around to read this until Friday… I figure I can spill ALL the dirt… no one will be the wiser.  Pioneers don’t have no Internet (but according to Madre, they do have sunglasses, Chapstick and most importantly, Diet Dr. Pepper all of which she did bring along).  Consider this post, “Get to know Madre Time” and I ain’t holding back!


– Wearing her muumuu/housecoat/ugly colorful dress-like things from 6:00 p.m. on EVERY NIGHT!  I didn’t stutter… every night.  She comes home from work and puts one of her ugly concoctions on and lives in it for the rest of the day.  It don’t matter who shows up at the door… she’ll be answering in a muumuu.  Serious… come visit at around 8ish and ask for Dessa… she’ll be wearing it… GUARANTEED!  And she has 8 billion of them.  Used to embarrass the cream puffs out of me when I was a teenager and I even tried to sneak a couple of them into DI bags, but she had muumuu radar.  In fact, to give you the extent of her muumuu love… she wore one to the 24th of July fireworks the other night… albeit she sat in the car the whole time… but you gotta ask yourself… what if Brad Pitt and his 87,000 children walk by?  What then?

–  Shopping.  Shoe shopping… clothing shopping… toilet tissue shopping… bolt and screw shopping… if the place has a cash register, she’ll likely enjoy being there.

– Manicures, pedicures, hairdo appointments, massages, foot zoning… etc., etc., etc.  If it requires pampering, sign her up… especially if she can attend it in her muumuu…

– Chocolate, lemony foods, oh and chocolate!  I tell you… my choc-o-holic illness was in the genes!  It’s no wonder I’m an addict!  I think she was bottle-feeding me chocolate milk by the time I was 2 weeks old.

– Exersaucing… whether it be hiking, biking, walking, zumba, or her favorite to brag about… the mini-triathlon that she completed at the gym (and by mini… I mean mini), you don’t get very far wearing arm floaties in the swimming portion.  But, she did it… did a half marathon once too.

– The Food Network, cookbooks, and recipes.  My ma is an excellent cook (thanks for not passing that gene along!)  She especially loves watching the cooking shows on the Food Network and trying adventurous new recipes… most of which I won’t touch with a 45-foot pole…  Some of my favorite traditions, though, are her famous rolls she makes twice a year for Thanksgiving and Christmas, the cinnamon rolls she makes on General Conference weekend, and twice baked potatoes for Easter!  I make room for those items once a year in my calorie plan even now!

– Music.  She always tells the story of how she would sing when she was pregnant with me, and that’s why I came out singing.  Madre instilled in me a love for music… all kinds of music.  I started piano lessons at the age of 5, violin lessons at the age of 8, and voice lessons at the age of 13.  I was exposed to all kinds of musicals, choirs, orchestras, bands, concerts, etc., and was taught to appreciate each and every genre (opera… I’m trying… I really am).  I am forever grateful for that… even if I cussed up a storm when it came time to practice the piano or violin.  Music has gotten me through many a tough time… and I will always be able to rely on it in the future.

MERRY BIRTHDAY, Madre!!  I hope your 29th plus 31 is a great year for you and that you get all the happiness you can handle.  There was a time when I wouldn’t have considered my mom a friend at all… we butt heads back in those days over my eating and food… but it takes a big person to change, and my momma did just that.  Today, I’d consider her my best friend.  Love you, mommy!

Question of the Day:  What’s your take on muumuus and wearing them in public?  She needs an intervention here! 


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25 responses to “Guess Who’s Turning 29 For the 31st Time In A Row!?!?!?

  1. Lythia

    Happy Birthday to your Mom!! 🙂

  2. What a wonderful post. I’m not too sure on those muumuus; saw my mother-in-law in one on the 2nd time of meeting, it was a bit of a surprise but each to there own I guess. It was apparently normal – I’d just never seen one before. Either way I hope you mam has a wonderful birthday x

  3. Deanna

    What a neat post. We were best friends in high school. I think she has aged better than me!!

  4. Avster

    Happy Birthday, madré!

  5. Lindsay


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We are very lucky daughters to have you!! If my mom on trek for her birthday doesn’t give you a glimpse into the kind of person she is then WAKE UP! She is a very giving and service oriented person I could only be lucky for people to think we are at all alike!

    She has also grown very adventurous! She is quite the fun person to be around, she is up for anything truly! She gets more daring with age!



  6. cl2

    I saw some on clearance the other day and thought about buying one (not!!!). I thought it would be a good joke to wear one around my kids. I don’t even dare wear capris because my kids would laugh so hard. My mother had this purple one that she wore all the time the last few years of her life. But she didn’t wear it out in public. We tried to get her other ones, but she always wore that one.

    • GOOD FOR YOU, COlleen! Stay away from the muumuus… clearance sale or not! I guess they’re really comfortable… but sometimes you have to draw the line!

      When Madre gets home I’ll hit her up for her recipes and send them your way!

  7. cl2

    Recipes please?!?!? rolls, cinnamon rolls, twice baked potatoes

  8. Audrey Hutchison

    Whitney: Hope you don’t mind me reading your blog and I do every day and love it, love it. You are a very talented gal with a flare for writing and a talent for picture taking. Your pictures are wonderful. I came to your house yesterday to leave a package for your mom (can’t believe she is where she is on her most important birthday) and your kitty cat almost made it into my car with me. I was nearly hystericaL wondering how I was going to get the car door shut without her. Finally made it! She is cute but not for me. Keep up the good work. Audrey H.

    • Audrey! How sweet are you. Of course I don’t mind you reading my ramblings… you deserve a gold star for that! I’m sorry you were accosted by the stray kitty! Glad you finally got away from her. I can’t open the door without her trying to run on in.

  9. Jacque Hunt

    Thanks for this post Whitney. I too think Aunt Dessa is among the best of the best. I love that she loves the same things that I love too. I wish we were closer so that we could do some of those things together. So…Happy Birthday Dessa, love you!

  10. Louisa

    Happy Birthday to you….
    Happy Birthday to you…
    Happy Birthday dear Whitney’s mom…
    Happy Birthday to you.

    And many more….


  11. Jen

    Happy Birthday Aunt D! Great job on this post Whit. I was laughing out loud the whole time I read it. My dogs were thinking I’d gone mad. In Aunt D’s defense, I would totally wear a muumu every single night too…if I actually had one to wear. Maybe I ought to shop for one soon. Grandma’s blood is still running through me!

    • Your dogs have just figured out that you’d gone mad!? I KID… from the love! I think you should get a muumuu to match the mushy banana in your purse, Jen. Totes a great idea, right!?

  12. Happy birthday to your mama! She’s a great woman and I’m glad you have her in your life. I probably would have declined going on trek in any circumstances and for sure would have declined it over my birthday! I do own me a muumuu. It was a roommate thing back in the day. I wear it pretty much only to get ready for church in and around the house. I don’t think I could bring myself to open the door in it or wear it out in public, but it’s pretty sweet to throw on while I’m fixing my hair and make up.

    • Haha, Rachel… I do remember seeing you wear your muumuu a couple of times when we were roomies. At least you don’t attend fireworks shows in it. As for the trek thing… AMEN! I’d have found some excuse… like my hair needed washed.

  13. Bret Berger

    That’s a good looking Mom Whitney!

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