Eating Mindfully… You Got It, Flaunt It…

No, I’m not lying here in bed wearing a new pair of pajamas I bought this weekend… and no they do not have a kitty cat on them wearing a pink-studded collar… no… not at all… why do you ask?  Also, if they’re going to make these dagblasted pajamas in my size, you’re darn tootin’ I’m going to be buying them… although I do draw the line at nastiness.  Pajama addictions… a real thing since 2011!  At least I didn’t decide to take up dope weed, yo!  

I mentioned last week sometime… who knows, I talk so much I barely remember when Boozeday is… about my issue with numbdumb eating making a resurgence of stupidity of late… not that it ever went away completely, I just had a better control of it at certain times in the past.  Lately, it’s been, eh… who cares… I’ll do better tomorrow.  Which is cool for one or two days, but when your one or two days turns into weeks and months, you need to figure out something to check yourself.  I also mentioned that I didn’t want to talk about it until I had a viable plan in place to fix it.  What’s the use of whining all day when there’s no one within ear shot to annoy?  I pick my whining battles very carefully.   A girl with no plan is just a plastic sack flapping her lips in a tornado.  That was surely an old Chinese Proverb… don’t believe me, do not look it up.  It’s of the rarer Proverbial variety.  

In my slow watch of the documentary, The Weight of the NationI came across the art of mindful eating.  I had heard of it in the past, and surely had tried to practice it in my many “die”ts over the years, but it definitely didn’t stick.  Most folks multitask when they eat… computers, TV, work, reading material, etc., all are convenient ways to not have any idea what you just put in your mouth.  I can eat a whole meal and not remember what I’ve eaten and how it tasted.  The Weight of the Nation website did not have a convenient clip about mindful eating, so if you want to watch what they had to say about it, watch part 2 of the documentary at the above link… I highly recommend part 2… some great advice and info-mashion given up in that joint!  The following video is one I found on YouTube on how to practice mindful eating:

Guarantee he looks like a dude just released from the mental asylum, mindfully eating like he ain’t never seen an orange before.  Secondly, does he not know how to peel the orange rind off more than that!?  That aside, some good tips there.  I’m not going to be able to mindfully eat for every meal, but I’ve decided that I need to at least do it for one meal a day… most likely dinner.  And the other meals, I need to sit my butt at a table and eat… If I think about what I’m eating, maybe I’ll feel full and then when I feel full I won’t want to numbdumb up the house like it be Hansel and Gretel on steroids.  Whitney… you’ve got a mind for a reason… flaunt it! 

Also… note to self… stay away from Thyme and Rosemary… leave them there herbs for that Scarborough Fair song.  

Question of the Day:  Do you feel that you mindfully eat?  Do you multitask whilst you eat?  




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14 responses to “Eating Mindfully… You Got It, Flaunt It…

  1. Karen

    thanks fo sending your blog. Up early on my way to SLC. Really do hate early mornings.

  2. joleciamichelle

    I’m guilty. I’m literally eating my morning oatmeal while reading this. It’s terrible, it’s just so hard to take that time even though it’s so necessary. I will try to do better, one meal at a time.

  3. Avster

    I would volunteer to give you a whack on the head when you’re in a numbdumb eating mood… but only if you’re willing to come and do it to me. 😉

    Generally I’m a mindful eater, but I do also multi-task when I eat… but generally only breakfast. Even if I do multi-task when I eat I always just put food on the plate and only eat that. I never bring an entire bag as that is *way* too tempting.

  4. cl2

    Don’t mindfully eat–always multitask when I eat. Last night, ate dinner while watching the last House episode (after getting done with work). If I’m alone–I usually read on the internet while I eat. My therapist, whom I’ve seen for MANY years–said to savor everything I eat. That is the trick. Doesn’t happen often!

    • It’s so hard! It’s a habit that’s hard to break and I always like to feel like I’m doing 2 things at once… that’s why I knit when I watch TV too! Lawsy!

  5. dessawade

    I’d say 75% of the time I am multi-tasking while eating. That’s just what women do. You have inspired me to try to do better.

  6. Louisa

    Another gorgeous pic, Whitney!

    That guy was funny to watch on the “mindful eating” video…lol.
    I really hope I don’t look like that when I am eating…LOL.

    Question of the Day: Do you feel that you mindfully eat? Do you multitask whilst you eat?

    Actually, I try and NOT multi-task at meal time. My husband is gone at breakfast time, so the kids & I make breakfast and sit down together to eat and pray.

    Lunch is a little more helter-skelter but the kids & I eat & pray together 80% of the time.
    Sometimes we are on the road during lunch time but I do try and stop and sit and eat with them ( eat in the restaurant and not go through the drive-thru / stop and get out at a park or even the parking lot of where we are going ).
    We aren’t as good at doing this at snack times and that could stand to be improved.

    Dinner time is really the only meal we eat & pray as a family during the week. Many times, my husband would like to eat in the living room b/c of a show that is on but the kids & I insist he eat with us. We have had that discussion many times actually.
    I don’t believe that a tv show is more important than our family time.

    I can see where there is room for improvement though…

  7. I’m not a good mindful eater–gonna have to work on that 🙂

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